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Professional Network Solaborate Launched App for Windows 8.1

Professional networking platform Solaborate launched App for Windows 8.1. If you are not familiar with Solaborate 'Solaborate its a technology platform helps the professionals users to share documents and presentations, publish questions, conference, chat, video and best practices. Solaborate officially announced through their blog post says 'The Windows 8.1 app makes it easier for technology professionals ...

Android Mobile Design Practices (Part 2)

Android is an attractive platform for developers, but not all designers share the same enthusiasm. Making an app look great and feel great across many hundreds of devices with all the different combinations of screen size, pixel density and aspect ratio is not easy. Android’s diversity creates plenty of challenges, but creating apps to run ...

Add Customized Themes on your Google Forms

Google forms is one of the most popular and easy way to create forms for creating surveys and related works. So far its been limited by Google in terms of visual customization.Today the search engine giant introduced custom theme for forms that allow users to add themes on their forms.Google officially announced on their blog ...

WhatsApp is set to Launch a Free Voice Calling

WhatsApp is set to launch free voice calling for their users, according to different reports. The news first spotted on TheFuseJoplin.com.According to their report 'The leaked images of the upcoming User Interface shows that the app has been enabled with other language translations which will be displayed at the time a person receives a call ...

What Social Networks says about Characters?

Which social networking site is your best? If you are using Twitter more your character could be like this or if you are Facebook or Instagram more your character could be like this. Is that makes any sense?But for a fun we what social networks says about your character? Personally i love Twitter more than any ...