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Social Positives | Social Media, Technology, and Howto - Part 166

How to use Getty Images Gorgeous Photos on your blog for free?

Getty Images, the worlds biggest stock photographic site recently announced you can use their near 35 million images for free to use for non-commercial purposes. So its  a good relief for bloggers who have not much money to pay licensing fees for images. So how to use Getty Images gorgeous photos on your blog for free? ...

Yahoo to stop user access of services with Facebook and Google IDs

Yahoo to stop user access of services with Facebook and Google IDs. It means near in future users can't sign in to Yahoo's photo sharing website Flickr with their Google or Facebook. According to the Reuters report 'The change, which will be rolled out gradually according to a Yahoo spokeswoman, will require users to register for a ...

Use FileDiva for better File Search Experience

From today SocialPositives.com plan to write about a tool or software or websites per month, that we find useful and want to show for our readers. Today we are discussing about a website named FileDiva.com that works as an all in one file search engine. Here are the top reasons why we recommending FileDive for ...

How to send Business messages via Facebook?

When you think of sending a message to a friend, the first way you think of doing that is via Facebook. When you need to send a message to someone in regards to work or business, statistically speaking, Facebook is much less popular as LinkedIn and email are still the most popular forms of communicating ...