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Blogger vs. WordPress: Battle of Blogging Platforms

If you’re blogging from quite a sometime, you would be aware of the blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress and tumblr. There is a big list of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using blogger and WordPress. Let’s keep tumblr aside for the moment and concentrate on the battle between blogger vs. WordPress.Blogger vs. ...

Top 5 Quick Video Sharing Services

Social Networking one of the trending necessary purpose for just friendship making or for business. Social Media sites helps users  to make good friends, relations, business and we can say that social media and the networking system really connect peoples and their tastes.In the modern internet world we are really addicted to social networking sites ...

How to make Money with Mobile apps?

Mobile applications have turned into the call of planet because of record of explanations. They have essentially turned into a media by means of which individuals correspond with their contraptions. Individuals are depended on their portable for everything today incorporating hunt of lodging, motion picture lobbies, bearing or whatever available prerequisite. In a roundabout way ...

5 Essential Apps for a Business Women

A business woman should be synonymous with being called a superwoman. The secret of her mutant powers however, could be seen discreetly hidden in her Smartphone.Yes, every successful business woman is simply a well balanced organized individual. With minions, as known as her apps keeping her sharp, focused and obviously trimmed and pretty.Let’s quickly skim ...

Why I don’t like Google Adsense for Websites and Online Games

Maximum bloggers are supposed to get passive income from their blog by taking Google Adsense. :-)I was also in this category and always run for Adsense. And yes, I had got this opportunity in January 2013. Since then I haven't earn enough money which I expected earlier. Even I haven’t received single penny from Google ...