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How to sell a Website and your online Business?

There comes a time in the life of any business entity that profits plummet or the business simply loses its luster and appeal. In other instances, prospective buyers may present offers that are irresistible; or the business owner may have his eyes locked onto something entirely different from what he had been engaging in and ...

University Pages: A Gift From LinkedIn for Students and Universities

LinkedIn launches 'University Pages' to bridge the gap between 'Students' and 'Universities', where students can explore many universities with few clicks and make a right decision for further education. It is similar to the other company pages on LinkedIn, but it is especially for an academic purpose.   Initially, 200 universities worldwide are allowed to create their ...

Facebook to start Shared photo albums

Social Networking giant Facebook preparing a new feature to add on their services. Its called 'Shared Albums' that will allows multiple users to contribute on a single album. The new feature will be rolled out from today.  Image Credit - Mashable The new system will be help to engage more users and it may be like a photo ...