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50GB free storage service Mega launched Android app

Kim Dotcom’s 50GB free storage service Mega just launched Android app. Mega is one of the trending great free storage service from New-Zealand. You can now download the Android app from the store. Mega is a Web-based encryption file storage service now allows all users to a free 50GB file storage system.Mega says that iOS app and Windows sync client ...

Tips to choose an eCommerce hosting provider

The world wide web has given a great platform to individuals to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. To start an online business, you need a concept or business idea and a minimum investment. The eCommerce business in India is taking a rapid pace. Every day a substantial number of start-ups or established businesses in India are ...

Social Media | Five Essential Tips For Adwords

If you're simply obtaining started with Google Adwords, I expect you began to feel terribly overpowered, very fast. As a beginner, it’s onerous to not, therefore don’t worry. If the thought of crunching numbers and excavation through information causes you to feel sick, it’s in all probability not for you. however if you are feeling ...