How to Log Out from New StumbleUpon? (Info)

A few months ago the popular Bookmarking site StumbleUpon get a new version. How can you log out from new StumbleUpon version? I found this question in many webs.Several people in my family using StumbleUpon and we are all using one system. Many people think that they can’t sign out from StumbleUpon while they use Google Chrome and the sign out button can only seen in other Browsers.
If you use Chrome you can sign out from new StumbleUpon. Just click in your profile and then scroll the button down and click Add a new page  in the left side that you use to add a new Stumble(New Bookmark) then you can see the log out button on the top upper right side near your name.
This is a real simple way to sign out from StumbleUpon. If you use Chrome extension of StumbleUpon just double click on the extension. First time click to toggle the Stumble bar.Then on the second click there is a sign out button at the bottom. You can simply log out.

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