Keek, a Brilliant Platform to Share Quick Videos (Web Info)

Keek is the easiest way to share short micro video with your friends. Keek is a toronto based company recently achieved $5.5 million in financing. The Keek investors are lead by Plazacorp Ventures and Alpha North asset.

Keek is a better simple video based status updates free social networking. Keek allows people to share their short videos easily via web cam or mobile apps. The service is much integrated with big social networking sites. Users can share their Keeks to Facebook, Twitter and to Tumblr.
A Keek video can run up to 36 seconds. As like other social networking sites you can follow your favorite users, can comments, like their Keeks simply press the Keek back button to record your  video comment. Like Twitter you can @mention the users to get their attention.
If you and other user following each other you can send them a personal Keek. First go to your dashboard – keekmail – private keeks then click the New private keek button. Then enter your friends keek user name and record your video. Users can subscribe to their favorites. Keek application available on the Appstore and Android.

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