Bundlr a new Trending Bookmarking Tool (Trending)

Bundlr is one of the trending site now. Simply says that Bundlr is a bookmarking, clipping, sharing web content easily. You can create bookmarks and discover some contents. Not like other old trend bookmarking sites you can use Bundlr as a simple social network.
Bundlr company is founded in 2010. But the site is just on popular stage now.
Here we go with the specialties of Bundlr compare to others. Not only web links you can create bundles with videos, photos and etc. You can collaborate your bundles with other bundlrs. Example you create a bundle with the name of Social Network, you can add a user as a collaborator for your bundle and he can add his list to your bundle.
You can follow other users. Create your bundles with categories like Art & Design, Business, Education & Science, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News, Places and Technology. Bundlr makes you happy with pick your Bundles to their home page if your bundle is a good one. You can now how many viewers are for your bundle.
Another great achievement is some times may be your bundle is picked by the Bundlr staffs, then your user name will be popular and you can get more viewers and followers.

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