How to setup email Signature with Social Media Icons in Seconds?

How to setup an email signature with social media icons? We are do this things more than years ago. We just put our name or phone number as the signature. But now the trend is also change like SEO to SMO and ld age signature to social signature. Simply says signature with Facebook, Twitter and other social icons. If we search how to create an email signature with social icons, we can get a lot of results including video tutorials. I think it’s just tough to follow that tutorials. We can create this type of signature with in seconds just copy and paste. You can create this with in few seconds.
How to create it simply?
To download icons just go to and choose your logo as your likes such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or Blog logos. If you search for logos you can see logos between 512pixel to 16pixel wide. Recommended size is 24pixel. Download the logos that you want. Go to your g-mail inbox and start to compose a new mail. Just click the icon insert image on the top of the email writing options and add your all your social icons horizontally.Please note to add a space between each icons. If you add the Facebook icon first then just click the right button on above the image and create the the text want to display and a web address want to redirect means or your Facebook fan page. Like that just an web address for all icons.
The next step is very simple. Just copy all your icons with the url’s and go to your settings page of g-mail. Scroll down and you can find a box for signature. Don’t forget to change it from no signature to signature. Here you just paste the icons you copied earlier then scroll down and save the settings. You are done. Then test you signature. If you start to compose a new mail then you can see your social icons with url’s just under your email as your signature.

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