Facebook on the Way to Change your Timeline Again

Mark Zuckerberg

Time to change the Facebook timeline. Facebook is on the way to change your profile timeline again. Reports says that its been showing up for a limited number of users already. Its going to hit a large crowd soon.

According to ABC News,  producers profile changed all ready to the new look. Facebook confirmed today that it’s trying some new things. “This is a new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating timeline even easier,” a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News.

What’s going to change? A simple look.

Look your profile, the profile navigation’s are going to tab. Easy navigation ordered like Timeline, About, Friends, Photos and more. Your name will be lifted to the cover photo. The “Subscribers”gone to change as “Followers”. If you have 1000 subscribers it will show as 1K.

Facebook change again and again and the new look is simple, clean and offers a decent interface for the profile.

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