Who is the first non-founder to sign up on Facebook?

Facebook the worlds largest social network hits 1 billion users October 2012. May be thousands of users use multiple Facebook profiles. But this is something interested. We all knows that definitely Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder and CEO of the social networking is the first user to sign up. But who is the first non-founder to sign up on Facebook?

first non-founder to sign up on Facebook

Facebook users profile url probably followed by a string of numbers. For example http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=5800937 is one users profile and the who sign up the next is his profile id looks http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=5800938. So the  Facebook CEO’ s profile must be this http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=1. But this profile didn’t exist, may be tested and deleted by Mark. IDs 1-3 may have been associated with Mark Zuckerber but the profile pages no longer exist. We can calculate the profiles been created and deleted for the beta testing.

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The first users profile started really from http://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=4 no doubt about that is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. id=5 is created by Chris Hughes cofounded Facebook and id=6 is created for Dustin Moskovitz who is also cofounded the social networking site.

The first 3 profiles been created by the founders of the Facebook.  The next profile id=6 is created by Arie Hasit, he is the first non-founder to sign up on Facebook. He was friends with David Hammer, David Hammer knew Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes. He is from Israel. Now he has more than 73,395 followers.

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