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Everybody loves Facebook and their gaming system. But who knows the complete system about the Facebook gaming? Here comes Crushing Candies complete professional site to help you about to learn more and more about Facebook popular games.

Candy Crush facebook gaming

About Candy Crush Saga Team

Candy Crush saga is an entry level but well experienced team to the gaming sector, if you visit the site you can definitely understand how their popularity increase and their fans level.

The great Idea behind Candy Crush

The idea behind the team is very simple, a Candy World you are the player and finds himself / herself in the world. Its a surfboard full with candies and colors. The target is to match candies in horizontal or vertical combinations. That’s it the candies must be comes in to horizontal or vertical combinations so as to come up with lines of three or more similar candies.

At the beginning you feel totally good to play the game because your goal is simplified. After the first stage of gaming some thing you want seen that’s makes you excited with great pleasurable graphics, great colors with cheeky music. The saga requires requires tactics and attentiveness to reward you with a high score.

The goals and rewards

The goal is the matching at least three candies of the same color in rows or columns. In progress stages the challenge is to match four, five color candies. You must need some talent to make the gaming in your perfect way. Once you completed you will be rewarded Candy Crush. If you failed to complete a board you will lose a life out of five lives you are given at the start.

Play the game with your friends

Just log in with your Facebook account and then visit this page, click the “add comment” above the comments list and then leave a message in our Facebook comment form saying “Add Me” or ”Looking for Candy Crush Saga Friends”. If some one is waiting for another Candy Crush Friend they will click your username and catch your profile and send you a friend request.

Really excited, visit now.

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