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That What is Optimization SEO? Whether you write an article on a blog or just a page, the ‘SEO is very important. Want to reach the first page of Google and, ideally, the first position, but how can you achieve this position with so many competing web sites that are all fighting for the same keywords? The first mistake that is often committed by many people is to think that they should find a keyword with little competition and with a reasonable amount of research.

The truth is that you need keywords which were not applied in any SEO. In other words, if two people are hunted by a hungry lion, then the person will be better prepared athletically not be eaten! Similarly, you only have to beat your competitors in order to position yourself in a higher position with respect to them, thanks to a good knowledge of ‘SEO. The purpose of this article is to show you exactly where you should make the search engine optimization when you try to beat your competitors. This will help tremendously on your search engine optimization SEO positioning, however, is not a guarantee of achieving a goal that will end with the first position since Google sometimes works in mysterious ways, but surely these techniques will help you in many cases to rise significantly in position.

Optimization SEO by:

  • Backlinks
  • PageRank
  • Keywords in the domain
  • Keywords in title
  • Keywords in the description
  • Age of domain

Back links: These are the most important elements to look for when trying to position yourself for a keyword the compliance optimization SEO. Google gives much consideration to backlinks. If you find sites with many backlinks that are positioned on the front page for the word you’re trying to optimize time trying to do the SEO for another word.

Page Rank: This is the second most important element to look at when you make an optimization SEO because it measures the authority has a site in the eyes of Google. Although sites with high PageRank will be difficult to beat, if they have a few back links there is still a chance to get some success SEO optimization as there are other factors to consider.

Keywords in the domain: Another good SEO technique is to see if the keyword is in the domain of your competitors. This is a technique used by many because Google looks favorably this thing. If you are thinking of achieving a high ranking for a certain keyword, having a domain with that keyword will definitely help in your search engine optimization.

Keywords in the title: Are your competitors in their SEO have lost a little ‘time to add keywords in the title of the article? If you have not done you should take advantage of this potential to beat them on the placement for that keyword you are looking to optimize due to SEO.

Keyword in description: As mentioned above, have the keywords in the description is a very powerful technique to position. What I notice is that many sites that have a high ranking thanks to a strong Page Rank, do not even bother to do the SEO for entering keywords in the description and shows how this will affect the positioning a high PageRank.

Age of domain: It is not a decisive factor; however, I decided to write it because this factor has an important role in the optimization SEO. Google loves sites that have been around for quite a while ‘time, but unfortunately the domain age is a factor that cannot change when you dedicate yourself to your liking SEO optimization, you can still work on all other writings point before.

If you look and you know the 6 points I listed above while you are paying SEO optimization you’ll get your rankings over time.

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