Solaborate Introduces New Features to Enhance Real-Time Communication and Collaboration for professionals

Solaborate the trending social network for technology professionals, companies and their products, services just updated their systems to the new heights. Solaborate is a Los Angeles, California based company it received over $1 Million in seed funding from angel and individual investors. The site was purely built on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing, WebSockets, and WebRTC protocol and built in using HTML5. On April 30th, 2013 Solaborate announced its private beta release, allowing the public to go on its platform and request beta invites.

Just after two months of the beta launch the site now updated with great features. Since then, Solaborate has been working hard to improve its already feature-packed site with some exciting and innovative features.  Now Solaborate allows users to make group audio, video calls, option to share files with in the call as well as share their screens in real time. Make a look of Solaborate’s new update and the advantages.

Make Audio Calls through Solaborate – No Software, Plugins


Solaborate already supporting video calls to the users, based on WebRTC. The advantage of Solaborate is users doesnt need any software or plugins to make video calls. Now here the professional network introduces audio-only calls it helps the techies who much use telephone’s to make conferences, now can use audio only calls to communicate. Also Solaborate allows group audio, helps to make complete audio conferences for the business needs.

Personal and Group Video Calls – Enhance your Business


Solaborate also have the video calling function but now its updated to one-on-one video calls by enabling group video calls, no needs of any software and plugins can interatct with the users within the browser. Solaborate video chat sessions helps the techies one-on-one and group conversations with experts, customers to a better a professional understanding each other. The group video calling function currently supports Firefox and Chrome. The function also includes instant messaging that allows you to chat instantly while you are on a video call and can share rich medias.

 Real time File and Screen Sharing

Through file and screen sharing Solaborate highly improved their communication capabilities. Now users can share files, screen sharing while they are on chat or in video calling a big notable update from the company. For use this advance sharing options Solaborate using WebRTC that reduce the effort of  users they dont need any kind of software’s.

Solaborate also enables technology companies to support and demonstrate their products or services better by creating a richer and more personalized customer experience. screen_sharing

Solaborate has fully embraced the use of WebRTC to provide real time communication and collaboration capabilities to its users. WebRTC is an ambitious project with the aim of making real time communication over the Web as easy as possible. Solaborate’s usage of WebRTC enables technology professionals and companies to engage and collaborate with their customers like never before.

The powerful Conclusion.

After the major updates with out doubt we can say that Solaborate is the advanced social + professional networking system so far launched. Solaborates gives everything the professionals with professional profiles, messages, chat and video, post share and tag the, connect and follow, questioning and answering, document sharing system, on the beta launching the site appears like a complete professional network. Also Solaborate helps the user to create events, a blog to tell your story, user groups, rate and review system, sharing jobs and opportunities and polls.

You can get everything in single profiles for your brand or business promotions. Join Solaborate now and enjoy the real use of professional network.

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