5 Checkpoints that Google loves

Until couple of years ago, every webpage had to merely depend upon the META description, directory, and title tags for boosting the performance of their webpage. It was the only source for increasing their webpage ranking. These days, Google is working on better techniques that will reward the companies that offer great user experience, without adopting any shortcut for achieving them. As per the rule anyone found using shortcut, will be heavily penalized. SEO Company is usually expected to be aware of such rules and need to take care of these factors, while designing one for their clients need.


Engaging Content

In order to optimize the search engine, your webpage needs to have good content in it. The contents should be genuine and to the point. The information on the webpage should benefit the user and provide an answer to all their queries. In other words, your content should engage your visitors and should be useful for them. Visitors usually don’t have enough time to read the notes in an elaborated manner. Have a blog on your website and update with new posts regularly as Google loves new content.

Genuine Content

All the details should be quick and accurate. If they find anything uninteresting then they might just move ahead to check the details from another website. The point is, whatever content you choose has to be for the visitors and for not optimizing the search engine. The content that you publish on your webpage should be unique and not a duplicate of another article that has been published somewhere else. Google is strictly against such a practice and adopt strict process to penalize the wrong doers. Google Authorship is a new concept, and the company is expected to be aware of this term.

Google checks the following things –

  1. Google checks the rankings of your page, and prohibits the duplicate contents
  2. Google can also penalize the people who use wrong contents

Usually the omitted pages are not considered for ranking purposes at all. If Google finds that you have duplicated the content by spam or other methods, then they will immediately drop the rankings of your page.

Usage of correct Keywords

Keyword selection is another important factor that cannot be over looked at any point in time. The keyword should talk about the type of services you specialize in and what all you could for your clients. If you miss on any of the information then it will not serve your purpose at all. A proper selection of keyword will increase the traffic to your webpage and improve your chances of earning maximum returns from your business.

Proper Procedure for optimizing the Page

Your SEO Company should be aware of the term called over-optimization. Excessive information, contents, interlinking, and other things are some of the factors that can cause over optimization. If you think by doing such things, you webpage ranking will increase then you are wrong. It can adversely affect your performance and get the rankings down. The highest density for every page has to be not more than 3 percent.

SEO is constantly evolving

There is no rule that remains constant in SEO, as they keep changing all the time. Google keeps on changing its algorithms so constantly reviewing of website is mandatory. All the updates are important, and you cannot afford to miss on anything.

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