5 Essential Apps for a Business Women

A business woman should be synonymous with being called a superwoman. The secret of her mutant powers however, could be seen discreetly hidden in her Smartphone.

Yes, every successful business woman is simply a well balanced organized individual. With minions, as known as her apps keeping her sharp, focused and obviously trimmed and pretty.

Let’s quickly skim through some of such apps which is the reason she maintains a cool head above her shoulders and flashes that charming smile.


1. Time timer: We all get 24 hours in a day. The trouble is not how to maintain those hours but to keep a close look at those sneaky passing minutes. Any successful business woman knows that time is money and values every second by timing herself with this app. Time timer is a customized alarm, that alerts you when your time is up during lunches, presentations etc. Not only has that it also notifies you about appointments and meetings with clients.

2. 1 password: Being a business woman you need all your valued information at one place. With passwords for emails, security codes, locker numbers, phone lock codes etc the answer is simple. 1 password one solution.

3. Secret women’s business network: This tool empowers women who work from home or own a small business. This app not only has valid information guiding you with much needed directions needed while handling business and clients but carries tools to enhance your work performance with self explainer videos as well! Such an inspiration for work-from-home moms!

4. Hi task: Ever need a constant reminder that keeps you updated with your daily task? Yep, there’s an app for that now. It notifies you about your chores for the day, month and even for the entire year.

5. Siri: One of the most successful apps that ever existed. This software basically answers queries through advance voice recognition, gives out important information. Navigates with road directions, keeps you acquainted with weather updates and also sends out a tweet if you’re caught up with driving etc. Sounds blissful right?

The above apps are a must have for women who want to outshine their business in today’s tough competition. Keep an edge with your effective business strategy but before you do any of that. Get organized and make use of such apps to let you stay hassle free all day, all year!

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