5 Questions you need to Answer Before Starting a new Blog

Blogging has become a very lucrative profession these days. The great things with this line of work are time flexibility and low investment requirements. If you don’t have enough time or you are lacking substantial investment; still you can manage your self-owned business. Besides time & investment allocation there is very thin line difference between a successful and unsuccessful blog. There are few decisive factors that determine the success of any blog. Following are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting a new blog.


1. What is your Niche & Targeted Audience?

You might have chosen very unique and lucrative niche. You might be lucky enough to acquire a very simple and search engine supportive domain name (For example: www.SocialPositives.com). However at the time of starting a new blog you might be ambiguous as to the purpose of your niche and your targeted audience.

For example if you have a blog named (SocialPositives.com) and you publish posts on wide variety of topics without considering what is your targeted audience and what they expect from you, then you will goanna suffer to attract audience. In the current times where thousand & thousand blogs exists in every niche you need to present you blog as authority on a close niche. For example covering most important areas of women fashion would help you to grasp the attention of women audience very easily, that wouldn’t be possible if you attempted to achieve Name as an authority of whole fashion industry.

2. What is the Differentiating Factor of your blog?

Attractive blogging niches are facing fierce competition therefore you need to find the differentiating factor that could help your blog to stand out of the crowed. This unique feature can be anything from Celebrity interviews to distributing EBooks or gifts. You can also come up with anything totally unique. This includes free & customized help/consultancy services to regular blog visitors; and Video based reports on special topics/issues etc.

3. How frequent you will Update your blog?

Posting frequency might sound something least important, however it is the proven fact that posting frequency is the critical factor in capturing and retaining the visitors. The number of revisits will depend upon the time interval you update your blog. Therefore it is important that you set the tone right from the start. From two posts per week to fourteen posts per week, any number is suitable based on your niche with the condition that you publish the content regularly.]

4. What is your List Building Strategy?

Search engine & social media are good source of getting visitors. However list building has become very important ingredient for making a successful blog. The best thing about list building is the ongoing relation that is developed between the blog and visitor. Visitors are automatically updated about the every new published post, hence rising the chances that they will regularly read your content and will become your loyal visitors.

5. How to take your Blog to the next Level?

Once you have answer above four questions and found the way out to tackle them, your blog will be ready to get the attention of the readers. Now all you need is to take your blog to the next level. Start serving your visitors in the unique way. Make and upload videos addressing their issues, record podcasts, Participate in hangouts with top visitors, conduct webinar addressing most important issues faced by audience. By taking all these steps your blog will move to the next level and will build recognition in the blogosphere; thus helping your new blog to get quick success.

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