Blogger vs. WordPress: Battle of Blogging Platforms

If you’re blogging from quite a sometime, you would be aware of the blogging platforms such as blogger, WordPress and tumblr. There is a big list of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using blogger and WordPress. Let’s keep tumblr aside for the moment and concentrate on the battle between blogger vs. WordPress.


Blogger vs. WordPress

The Battle of Themes/Templates

That’s where the most of the people argue when it comes to comparing Blogger vs. WordPress. Blogger offers limited theme customization whereas on the other hand WordPress offers deep customization. For instance, you can check the latest free and best blogger templates of 2013. Although it is possible to create good blogger templates, it requires a good knowledge of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and XML. WordPress can do wonders even if you don’t have good knowledge of such languages. It is an added benefit if you possess any knowledge about languages such as php and java script.

SEO Benefit

Some say that using Blogger gives you good SEO benefit because it is the product of Google. That’s purely a rumor. There is nothing like that. In fact, you get a good benefit in terms of search engine optimization when you use WordPress.

WordPress gives you full control on Meta title, description and Meta keywords. It also lets you add your custom sitemap.xml, .htaccess file. In addition to this, you can change the permalink structure according to your personal needs. You can also add custom author box plugin for WordPress which helps you a lot to handle multi-author blogs. I know, it is possible to add custom bio for each author in blogger too but you got to have some knowledge of coding to do so. And, you never know when one missing semi colon will ruin your blog layout.


When it comes to comparing the security offered by these two platforms, blogger is way ahead of WordPress. Why? It is simply because of the one fact that blogger doesn’t allow anyone to access database files where WordPress gives full control over database files. Database is the most important element of your blog as all your posts are stored and linked through database.

Whenever there is an attack on your blog, attackers tries to delete the database file so that you won’t be able to get those posts back unless you’ve backup.

Hosting and Bandwidth

That’s the major benefit of using blogger. WordPress requires you to buy self-hosting package in order to use it on custom domain whereas on the other hand, blogger does the same job without any cost. In addition to this, you don’t need to worry about bandwidth as Google will take care of handling traffic load on its own.

WordPress is hosted on self-hosting package which is in most of the cases shared hosting. Shared hosting packages are great to start off your blog but when you start receiving thousands of daily visitors, you’ll be required to upgrade yourself to VPS.


When it comes to customization, WordPress offers much better options than blogger. You really need a basic knowledge about how HTML, CSS and XML works to do the changes. Plus, you need to manually edit the theme to add your navigation menu. That’s not the case with WordPress. You can add the menu items from appearance > menu. While both offers simple interface to add widgets in sidebar, WordPress gives much better efficiency with wide set of plugins.

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