How Pinterest Can Help Your Social Media Strategy

When we speak about social media, the first things that come into our mind are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, which we know dominate all of the online conversation across the web. However, when it comes to building brands, especially those sectors in retail and small businesses, their top social media choice is not the “Big Three.” Let’s find out why.

Remember not all social media platforms are effective to every business you have. Despite the number of audiences they cater, you still need to identify what kind of audiences they are catering to or the kind of people who use their platform. So, you may know who you are selling to and who’s going to receive your message.

As for Facebook, studies showed that majority of the Facebook users are teen-agers and mothers. Although there are about 1.11 billion of Facebook users as of June 2013, but you still need to ensure that you are targeting the right audience. The same goes with Twitter and Google plus. They have their own niche and the kind of people that use their platform. So, if you want to become successful in your social media strategy, you must focus on a platform that is sure to generate more leads and sales rather than ‘seekers’ and cold market.

So, here’s the platform we want you to explore – Pinterest.


Pinterest Users

Pinterest is growing rapidly over the years. It is adopted by many brands as well as followers or users of these brands. In February 2010, Pinterest was launched via invitation only. It only had couple of hundred followers. And in February 2012, two years after it was launched, it gained 10 million followers in United States. Five months later, Pinterest grew its followers to 27 million in the US alone. These numbers are quite an evidence that demonstrates Pinterest traction in Social Media even before it was announced as a platform for businesses in November 2012.

Pinterest Page Views and Demographics

Pinterest’s total page views placed it on the top 30 sites in March 2012 in the United States. The demographic of Pinterest reveals few surprises. According to the research conducted by Nielsen, 70 per cent of Pinterest users were female. Extracting the data by age, Pinterest users are uniformly shared across age brackets 18-29, 20-49 and 50-64. That is in contrast with other popular networks like Twitter and Instagram, where most of their users are in 18-29 age brackets.

How Pinterest Help Your Business?

So, you already knew who are your real audience on Pinterest, as well as their age spectrum. They are not only teen-agers, posting something on their walls, updating their friends about how they are doing, etc.

Pinterest is more than just that. It is a home to real users who like your products and service. Because of its increasing traffic and signing users, you can guarantee that you are on the right track to grow your business online. As we can see, many are drawn to its attractive user interface, wherein people can just pin and re-pin the photos they want. They can also create their own pin boards and label the items according to their category. This way, they can just go over and checked the photos they’ve gathered if they want something to buy later on.

How Pinterest Become Useful in SEO?

With Pinterest, you can also grow your own website traffic and search rank through doing the following tips.

Tip#1 – Upload your own content or photo

Instead of just pinning and re-pinning the works of others, you can also upload your own. This will help you leverage your business and its online presence, helping you to gain followers and likers of your post.

Tip#2 – Place a keyword-rich file names

[KEYWORD].jpg is much better than [image_002].jpg.

Tip#3 – Go wider with your pinning

Go broad with your topics and the kinds of photos you are pinning. Diversify them!

Tip#4 – Add a link to your keyword

In order to maximize SEO potential, you must always place focused keyword in your link.

Tip#5 – Utilize the description mini-blog

You should add a description to your every pins. Pinterest allows up to 500 characters.

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