How to write an SEO friendly Blog post in less than 1 hour?

To rank your Blog high among the billions of blog running on internet, you should aim to write SEO friendly post. Only SEO is most effective tool to improve your blog rank. This can really be interesting if you follow my ways to write SEO friendly post for your blog in less than 1hour. Because I too expertise in writing the SEO friendly blog post in less than 45 minutes. Isn’t it impressive? Here I will be giving you tips to write the SEO friendly blog post for your blog. So here we go.

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Ways to write SEO friendly blog post for your blog in less than one hour

  • Include Search Terms in your Post Title: When Google try to index your website, it reads the entire code of your website. So this makes Google sees the title line of your post first. Make the title line effective with most of the search is done through it. Use the keywords which the people will generally search more. This makes your post more optimized on search engine. But do not overfill it with the search terms. Overfilling it might result in Google to get angry.
  • Write long Post: Always write long blog post. The most effective word length for the blog post is 350 words. In this way you can use as many search words in large matter and Google cannot take any action against it. Use quality keywords in the article you are writing. This will help search engines to collect more data regarding your post and hence optimizing it maximum.
  • Add External or Internal Link: You must add some external or internal link to your blog post so that the visitor to the article stays more on your blog post. This will attract visitors for long time as they will get information about some other articles too.
  • Use keywords in your post: You should use variety of keywords in your post but at the same time, you should keep track that the keyword density in the article should not be more than 10-12 percent, not more than that. If you use excess of keywords than there might be risk that Google might remove the listing of your site from its search engines through its algorithms like Penguin and Panda.
  • Apply more tags to your post: If you are writing 350 words article than you must tag at least 5 tags to the post. This will direct the visitor to all post related to that tag if they click on it. This will increase the average stay time of visitor to your blog. And in turn it will increase your reputation of your blog in eyes of Google.


It took me exactly 40 minutes to write this blog post using lots of keywords and good title. In this way you can write the articles easily following the above mentioned tips.

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