Tips for Using Instagram Video for Your Marketing Strategy

Using pictures to capture your customers’ attention is great, but a short, impactful video is even better. Up until now, you had to make a video, upload it onto your website, and then hope that people would find and watch it once they made it to the site. But that has all changed– and for the better!




Instagram’s new video update allows you to create 15 seconds of video from your smart phone. You can then upload it to Instagram, without going through any additional website. Marketing through videos has never been easier, but how can you use this feature to get the most out of it?  Below, you will find some tips to help you get started to getting the most out of this new video feature for your marketing strategy:

1. Decide What To Film

Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to shoot a video, but not having any plan before actually filming it. Typically, these do not end up being the best or most-watched videos. Before you make a video on Instagram for your company, create a basic outline of what you are going to film first. Make a thorough plan so that everything is ready to go to avoid wasting anyone’s time– your customers’ attention is valuable.

2. Keep It Professional

The last thing you want is for your video to look like a home video. This is meant to be a marketing strategy for your business—be sure to represent your business professionally. Film professionally and rehearse a few times before the final shoot. No one needs to see the outtakes, and all that really matters is the end product!

3. Film Current Events or Special Offers

Showing your customers what special offers they can take advantage of through a video is a great way to drum up business! Customers love staying in the loop of your company, and videos are such a fun way to do this.

When you film current events, your customers will feel like they are right there with you. Making them feel connected is incredibly important.

4. Make a Portfolio in Real-time

Have you ever thought of making a video portfolio? Well, why not? Use the fifteen seconds of video to its fullest potential by showing people what you have done in the past for previous customers.

No matter what line of business you are in, it is certainly worthwhile to create a video portfolio of past work. This way, your hopeful customers will feel confident in the quality of work that you are able to produce!

5. Don’t Just Leave It On Instagram

For even higher marketing capacities, link your Instagram with Facebook. By doing this, the videos you post through Instagram will be automatically posted on your Facebook as well, thereby increasing the number of views your videos get!

Some people are hesitant to over-advertise their business, even with a fifteen-second video; however, in all truth, there can never be too many people who see your advertising. The more the better, as this translates to more business for you!




Today, the uses of social media in marketing don’t seem to be slowing down. Do not let these opportunities pass you by—start incorporating them into advertising your company, because you will love the results!

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