Tips to choose an eCommerce hosting provider

The world wide web has given a great platform to individuals to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. To start an online business, you need a concept or business idea and a minimum investment. The eCommerce business in India is taking a rapid pace. Every day a substantial number of start-ups or established businesses in India are marking their online web presence. With more than 137 million internet users the eCommerce business is growing at a faster rate, the eCommerce market was worth about $14 billion in 2012. Considering the future of eCommerce business in India, it’s utmost important to establish online presence by opting for a right hosting provider. The web hosting provider plays a major role in eCommerce business, the hosting company would be responsible for keeping your online business website up 24/7/365.

Below are few tips to be take care of while selecting a web hosting company:


1. Flexibe Hosting Packages

The web hosting provider offering eCommerce hosting service should offer flexible hosting packages, the hosting service should be able to accommodate the need as your business grows. Every start-up or an established eCommerce website may not need a full fledge dedicated server at the beginning. A shared hosting package with few GB’s of disk space and bandwidth should accommodate your requirement. A basic or mid range shared hosting package would be sufficient at the initial stage. When your website starts demanding more resources at that point your hosting provider should be able to offer easy upgrade options without affecting your website performance.

2. Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is required to run an eCommerce website. The hosting provider should be able to install and configure the shopping cart on your website. There are number of shopping carts available for free like Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, ZenCart and many more. You may select one of these shopping carts to run your eCommerce website. Some hosting providers offer exclusive hosting services like Magento web hosting, PrestaShop hosting etc. as per the shopping cart software selected. When you select the hosting provider, ensure that they install the shopping cart on your website and they are not charging you for it.

3. Hosting Infrastructure

A web hosting company cannot provide excellent service without good infrastructure.  In order to deliver optimum performance, stability and reliability the hosting company should use branded servers (Dell/HP/IBM) to host the customer’s website. A powerful processor with SATA/SAS hard drives and DDR3 RAM should be used to run an eCommerce website. Always ask the server specification details on which your website would be hosted. Ask for a test IP to check the latency, demand for a file to check the download speed. You may discard the hosting companies who deny to provide a test IP or a file to check the download speed.

4. 24/7/365 Support

Many web hosting companies fail to provide round the clock support. If your business website is not accessible due to some reasons then you should be able to contact your hosting provider immediately to get the issue resolved. The hosting provider should be approachable and accessible 24/7/365. The hosting company should strictly offer round the clock support through live chat, email and phone.  

5. Guaranteed Uptime

An eCommerce website cannot afford to loose a single visitor which can be a potential prospect or customer in the future. A business website should be online every second, a single downtime can affect your business. Find out the up-time guarantee your hosting provider claims to offer. Many reputable hosting providers would offer 99.9% to 99.95% up-time guarantee in a month. The hosting company you choose should offer at-least 99.9% up-time guarantee.

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