Top 5 Free Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter is a simple app that utilizes text messages of 140 characters, but it is quite interesting in its features. You will be amazed to make out that there are more than 1 million apps for twitter, android as well as others.

You must have visited play store and found a numerous apps for twitter. Which one to choose? From the pool of the apps we are here to help you out in choosing the correct one designed according to your needs.

It is necessary to identify which one is the finest. Among numerous Twitter apps out there, it can be a tough task to find one. Don’t be troubled, check this list out-


For clean and simple experience this is th e best one for you. Redesigned GUI, ringing bells and whistles making the twitter app really pleasing, can be found under the official web version of the twitter app for android.  With a blue bar at the apex of screen having searching and compose icon. To switch between Home, Mentions, Trending Tweets and the User’s Profile there is a black bar below the blue bar making it quite simpler to operate.

Download From Google Play: Free Version



Carbon is pretty smart app in the face of android client. It is most sleek and beautiful app. This is only available for Smartphones with matte-black background and 3D animations, which are really cool. Profile pic in the mid on the grey bar in the deep bottom with plus sign to compose and button on the right to favourites search, filters, settings etc. This also supports multiple accounts.

Download From Google Play: Free Version



Plain and simple layout having similarities with official twitter app. Vertical column by sweeping right from the feed column showing easily accessible search, favourites, trends and list buttons. Facebook is also supported in Plume, allowing users to add their Facebook feeds along with multiple twitter account support.

Download From Google Play: Free Version



TweetCaster has a beautiful appearance with an intuitive interface that makes it outstanding. You can use Multiple Twitter Accounts, Facebook, Get notified of new tweets, mentions, messages and a great bunch of additional features. Features such as Photo Effects, Zip It, Widgets and cool themes make it to be exceptional. Download From Google Play: Free Version



HootSuite is a tool that helps you deal with several Social Media accounts on the go supporting Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Simple, elegant, and powerful, HootSuite allows you to schedule or instantly share things, Upload photos, receive notifications, view click stats etc.

Download From Google Play: FREE VERSION

So guys, these were the top 5 free twitter apps for android. Take our words too, along with your own experiences. Just go for them and happy Tweeting!

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