Top 5 Quick Video Sharing Services

Social Networking one of the trending necessary purpose for just friendship making or for business. Social Media sites helps users  to make good friends, relations, business and we can say that social media and the networking system really connect peoples and their tastes.

In the modern internet world we are really addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Facebook is high valued most trending, user engaged social networking system in the world. Twitter the micro-blogging platform a newbie to Twitter thoughts that its only a professional network. Bit through real time engagement, tagging concept Twitter is also a platform to friends making. In Instagram the Facebook owned trending photo sharing social network friends snap their every moments of their life and posting through the networks.

Today’s trending is not only sharing images, its video sharing. We want to communicate with other users through real time quick videos. We use YouTube, Vimeo to host our videos. Its more benefit to professional users not for ordinary users who need quick real time communication. That’s the reason why we want to use or to know about quick video sharing services. Here we go with worlds most popular, brilliant 5 video sharing services that allows users to share their best moments.

1. Instagram Video


Instagram the worlds largest mobile based photo sharing site social networking site launched quick video sharing option on the previous June 20. The system allows Instagram users to upload 15 second videos and to share ot on the system. The services in now available for both Android and the iPhone. For your website/blogs you ca easily embed the Instagram videos.

You can create breaks while you create a video on Instagram. For eg you can record 5 second video and take a break then create 5 seconds of video then take a break and complete another 5 seconds. You can add 13 custom color filters while you upload the video. Now with more than 130 million monthly active users we can say that Instagram is the best way to get social networking.

2. Keek


Keek the best social video revolution system. So far Keek is the best service that allows users to create, upload and share video up to 36 seconds. Users can post “Keeks”(Videos that’s hared from keek) using web cam or from Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or from Blackberry phones.

In March 2013 Keek rolls out verified accounts to meet increased demand from many high-profile celebrities and influencers.

Get verified with 3 simple steps:

1. Post at least one keek to the account you want to verify.

2. Take a screenshot of your Keek profile and post it to your official Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts with this verification   message

3.  Email to [email protected] note to include your Keek username along with links to the verification message posted on each of your official accounts.

Keek is working like a social networking site. If any user create a keek you can also reply back with text or video comments popularly known as “Keekbacks”. Keek founded in June 2011 by Isaac Raichy with more than 40 million active users Keek is the best quick real time video sharing system now available on the web.

3. is another quick video sharing app owned by the micro-blogging platform Twitter.  It allow users to publish video clips up to 6 seconds. Instagram allows 15 second videos, Keek with 36 second video but Vine has it own place, press the competition because of Twitter’s 140 million users mark.

Vine is allowed to download in App Store and in Android play store. The videos that created by Vine can be shared in embedded on social networking services . Vine is a software, Twitter acquired on October 2012 and the launch of become one of the trendiest social networking topics of the period. Definitely the 6 second video sharing system will be an advantage for the users sometimes the tweet+video becomes viral on Twitter.

4. Tout


Tout headquartered in  San Francisco one of the best trending quick video sharing system after Keek. With the help of Tout users can create 15 seconds quick videos and can be share it on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Tout is absolute working similar to Keek. If you create a Tout on the service users can reply you with Tout’s reply feature, its like a conversation method. Tout is a technology spin-out of SRI (Stanford Research Institute). Tout was launched in 2010 and has had over 12 million visitors since its launch. Users can create “Touts” on Android, iPhone or through their web cameras. Tout is really popular and partnered with popular companies like Wall Street journal, ESPN, CNET etc.

5. Viddy


Viddy is another quick video sharing app for  iPads, iPhones and for Android phones. Viddy describes itself as “a simple way for anyone to capture, produce and share beautiful videos with the world.” Now allows the users to share 15 second length videos.

Viddy app launched on April 2011 by JJ Aguhob and Brett O’Brien, Within 2 weeks, the app received nearly 150,000 downloads. The app is compatible with any  iPad, iPod Touch , iPhone,running iOS 4.1 or above. But like Keek, Tout you can upload directly using web cameras.

Lot of another video sharing services are available like Socialcam, Coub, Cinemagram. But they are not popular or not perfects like these services.

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