Two Websites allows you to upload 50GB Cloud Storage free with no more conditions

Cloud storage is one of the trending topics now in the internet world. Lot of websites including Google, DropBox,, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive etc allows you to save your files on their servers throgug cloud storing system. . Google allows you to upload up to 15GB on their servers follows Amazon allows 10GB, Dropbox just 2GB, Microsoft SkyDrive 7GB and allows 5GB for free. Recently in February CBS News reported that is temporarily offering a 50GB of storage when you sign up on that time. The offer ends now and allows only 5GB free for normal accounts.

Some times lot of users didn’t satisfied with these storage functions. They think about 10GB, 25GB or even more. Why we can try 50GB free storage services? After some research we create a list of sites that allows more than 10GB storage’s for free. Then we listed some sites they offer upto 50GB server storage for individuals. But after the sign up they shows some hidden values, conditions to use their service.

After the final analyzing here i recommend two websites that allows you up to 50GB absolutely free cloud storage with no more conditions. Definitely its something special for the user who want to store more files on a single good server.’s Mega

Mega’s Mega allows all users to upload up to 50GB files on their servers for free. Mega is a service from  Auckland, New Zealand. With secure server, easy of access with out any doubt we can say that Mega is one of the best cloud storage system. MEGA provides robust cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy.

Recently Mega announced their Android App  and also says that iOS app and Windows sync client are currently in the final stages and will be arrive after the development. If the Windows Sync system will become true definitely Mega going to challenge cloud storage giants like DropBox, etc.




Adrive is another website that allows all users to store up to 50GB  for free with any more conditions. Adrive already have an Android and Apple iOS app. On Adrive you can upload or download FTP file size limitations from 2GB. In addition you can set an expiration date on shared files.

Adrive is an old site that founded on 2007. With their premium plan users can upload or download files up to 16GB, desktop application that developed in Adobe AIR.

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