Why I don’t like Google Adsense for Websites and Online Games

Maximum bloggers are supposed to get passive income from their blog by taking Google Adsense. 🙂

I was also in this category and always run for Adsense. And yes, I had got this opportunity in January 2013. Since then I haven’t earn enough money which I expected earlier. Even I haven’t received single penny from Google in my bank account.


Yah, Its right. :-/

I haven’t received a huge amount from Google just because of low CPC and Google’s terms and conditions. Once my account had got disable due to invalid activity, but I was too much in love with Google Adsense for my blog. 😀

Hence, I fill ‘Adsense invalid activity Form’ to get back my account back because I was just about to get first 100$ check from Google. After 20 days of time period I got mail from Google in which mentioned that your account has been enabled again. As I read this I was at the seventh sky because I had earned 98.59$ before the account got disabled.


Eventually at the next moment I was at the bottom of earth. This is because 2nd line in the mail was “All your previous earnings are no more due to invalid activity, your earning will be started from ZERO again”. :-/

Since then I don’t like to have Google Adsense for my blog. Its a big headache to manage CTR, page views and invalid activity which I don’t do. 😉

Why I don’t like to have Adsense for website/blog :-

Though there are many bloggers who are earning huge money from their blogs through this Google’s program, but I don’t like this product to use for website and blog.

I have already mentioned that managing CTR, page views is not easy for website. One of the major point for which I hate Adsense for content is that I have to do lots of activities like SEO, SMO and marketing for every post of article which generates traffic. I almost used to spend 10 hours for my blog daily and eventually I was not getting excellent results for my efforts.

The above activities are necessary to get more and more traffic on site. If traffic is not there, then you can’t make money from Adsense. Spending 10 hours on a blog and still you don’t get results, will definitely make your moral down. Hence, I don’t like to work with Adsense anymore.

I am not saying that don’t use this Google’s product, but I am trying to convense you by saying that earn money from Google with minimum efforts in less period of time.

I am a greedy guy who never accepts failure. 🙂leaving-adsense

Now, I am just hungry to get at least one check from Google. So, this time I think to develop a game online and earn money from it because Google’s adsense product for online games is also available. As I start to read terms and conditions for online games, my mind just stunned and I again start to critesias Google for its policies. I’ll definitely share that why I hate adsense for games too.

Google’s Online games Adsense policies, sucks..!!

The terms of service just sucks for online games. When I read those conditions, I find that how Google can be so mercif

ul to the games developers like me. 😀

The biggest policy which I hate is that Your online game must be played by 80% players from USA and UK of your traffic. Guys twist hasn’t stopped yet in terms and conditions. It says, there must be 5,00,000 daily plays for your online game.

Now my reaction was like anything that can change the TOS of Google. How it can be so much cruel. 😛

Then again I raised myself, motivate myself and say “Aman, why don’t you go to create videos and upload them on YouTube to make money. Adsense is still there to give you the Google’s check”.

Since June 15th, I am reading company’s terms and conditions for YouTube Adsense which are not too muc

h difficult. I am also learning how to create videos amazingly and highly definition to do serious business from YouTube videos.

You should also upload videos and make money from them. I am saying you this because of these some amazing facts about  YouTube videos earning.

1, My main reason behind to dislike the Adsense for website is that I have to do lots efforts like link building, SEO, SMO, marketing etc… to get more traffic on site and then earning money. :-/

This consumes too much time, especially link building.

This thing is not with videos. You don’t require to build backlinks for your YouTube videos. Simply you have to create good quality video and upload it. Don’t need to write lots of content for SEO, SMO and marketing. Just make a video with full information regarding your theme of video.

Off-course marketing has to be there after uploading the video. Its because if you don’t publish or advertise your product in market, nobody will come to you by own to see your product. Hence, marketing should be there.

google-adsense-for-youtube2, Creating video is about the art of creativity. If you think that your creation is going to be loved by thousands of peop

le, then your chances to be the winner on YouTube are too much bright.

Only one amazing video can do the trick for you and make your bank account full with thousand of bugs.

3, Obviously maximum people don’t know about the C, C++ or java languages. Hence, they can’t develop an amazing game. Yes, there are many websites available online by which you can develop games online. But these games won’t be too much good as the games developed by programing languages.

In videos creation you don’t need to know about programing languages, if you have a good smartphone or digital camera then you can create a wonderful video.

4, Quality matters a lot on Google and we all know about this. So create your amazing quality video and upload it.

Share yourself:-

I have shown the perfect and easy way for making money easily from Google. It depends on you how you take it. Will yo

u still go with Adsense for blog/website, or move to the YouTube channel?

Just wait….!!!!

Don’t disable your Google Adsense account yourself from your blog. Let it be stay tuned with you and you should concentrate more on YouTube videos and make money from there.

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