Why to choose WordPress to setup your website?

Are you planning to setup your first website? Don’t know any thing about website coding and HTML? Don’t have time to hire a web developer to build the website? Can’t afford website development cost? If you are stuck in one of these situations, stop worrying there are many different ways to get your website up and live quickly. You don’t need to be a tech savvy person or a coding expert to setup and run a website. There are several options available on the internet, you just have to choose the right application and the web hosting service provider. People whom I usually found stuck in such situations, I strictly recommend them to opt for a WordPress website. WordPress is an open source application, it is widely used to setup blogs, websites and eCommerce stores. You can build almost every type of website using WordPress application. It’s available for free so it doesn’t mean that it’s used by people who can’t afford the development cost. Many big companies use WordPress; CNN, New York Times Blogs, Ford are a few name which I can recall at this moment who are using WordPress.


Why choose WordPress to setup your website?

It’s available for FREE and it can be install and setup within few minutes. WordPress is built using PHP and MySQL, so every web hosting provider supports WordPress application. With the help of forums and review websites, find out the best WordPress hosting provider for your website. Once the application is install you can easily start customizing your website through a user friendly WordPress panel. There is absolutely no coding skills required to customize the WordPress website. You can easily drag and drop applications, change the menu settings, add contact form, images, logo, tag line etc through widgets and plugins.

There are free WordPress plugins available for almost every feature which you want to incorporate in your website. If you want to add a contact form on your website, search for the contact form plugin in the WordPress plugin section, download it and activate it. The contact form would be live on your website. Similarly there are many other features which you can activate on your website through plugins.
WordPress are SEO friendly. The WordPress websites can be easily optimized for the search engines. There are number of SEO plugins which can make your website search engine and user friendly.  You can edit page title, meta tags for each web page. There are millions of free WordPress themes available, you can search for free

themes, like plugins you can download and activate your preferred theme as well. It would change the look and feel of your website. There are many free themes available for every category, if you are setting up a photography website search for “free photography WordPress themes”, similarly you can search WordPress themes for other sectors like online shopping, hotel, real estate, technology, digital media etc.

WordPress site can help you to save the development cost. WordPress is available for free and you just have to invest in the cPanel web hosting service. Consider a WordPress hosting provider who offers round the clock support, money back guarantee and 99.95% up time.

About Author – This article is written by Steve Francis from MilesWeb.  Milesweb have been in the web hosting industry for years, they are well aware of the functioning of the web hosting industry and we can deliver the best. 

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