7 Most common Web Design mistakes

Developing a website and that too a great website is not an easy task. Most people hire professional web developers to build their website. Before you choose your website design, you must consider many things as one small mistake can make your website look ugly and also create bad impression. To run a successful online business, everything depends on your website. If your website fails to attract visitors and proves to be less effective, then your online business may be at risk.

Here are some of the most common web design mistakes.

1. Graphics

Images are definitely the key elements of your website but including too many images on the same page creates a mess. You need to understand your graphics before you design your website and include images at the right position only. If your images are not related to your business or topics, visitors seem to be less interested in moving further with your website. If you include many banners, graphics, charts, and images on the same page, your website will appear unprofessional and will have less impact on the visitor.

2. Outdated or boring content

Content is the king of online business. If your website displays boring or irrelevant content that does not provide any information to its visitors, your online business is bound to fail. It is very important to keep your website updated on daily basis. In addition, you must ensure that your content should be readable, meaningful, and simple to understand that would keep visitors engaged.

3. Pop-ups and Ads

Frequent pop-ups and unwanted ads may irritate the visitors and may also indulge them in just closing your website in just few seconds. You need to control the limit of pop-ups and ads that appear on your website. Your website can look untidy with the integration of these irrelevant pop-ups and ads. Further, it will decrease the web traffic.

4. Irrelevant Links

In many cases, you may find that clicking on a link does not take you anywhere. You may land up visiting a website that you may not be interested. It is very important that you include updated and relevant links that your visitor would wish to visit. Nothing can be more irritating or boring than hitting a dead or broken link. This way you can even loose many potential customers.

5. Loading time

If your website does not load faster, then stop blaming on the broadband connectivity of the user. No individual can patiently wait for more than 30 seconds to load a website and may switch to a different similar website that loads faster than your website. You must ensure that you reduce your loading time.

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6. Clear Instructions

You must keep in mind that there are various types of visitors who would visit your website each day. Your web designer must ensure that he provides clear and straight instructions to visitors on what to do next.

7. Contact information

Whether you have a great website or a dull website, in both cases people would like to know who you are. You must ensure that you include your contact information on the first page as web is a great place to increase your business.

So, these were some common website design mistake that you should avoid to have a well designed website.

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