Apple iPhone 5s Vs Apple iPhone 5

Apple is a brand that has amazed the world with its innovative approach and latest technologies. Whether Apple iPhone 5 or any new product that is to be launched you can just order online and get the latest products easily. With a wide range of products Apple has impressed the customers and has developed a long term relationship with them. The constant feedback and customer preference has led to the launch of new products by this reliable brand.

Many customers just wait eagerly for the latest version of the Apple iPhones. The competition is on with Apple launching Apple iPhone 5s. This new product is said to soon get launched in Japan on September 20, 2013. Apple IPhone 5s is the ‘S’ version of the iPhone with many hardware upgrades but the focus would mainly be on new Software’s. The Apple iPhone 5s will be lighter and thinner in comparison to Apple iPhone 5. The processor of this new member of Apple will have an upgraded processor and expected to have an A7 chip.  It will also have 13-megapixel camera. Through many images and different sources of information it is said to include the next generation of the iOS 7 operating system.


This new product is an upgraded version of Apple iPhone 5 but is not of course a complete replacement of the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple iPhone 5 has a larger 4-inch screen and is thinner and longer than its siblings. It has an 8Mp iSight camera and iOS 6 operating system. It has the power of A6 chip and is more powerful than other iPhones on the series. It is the first to be launched with 4G LTE, and is the thinnest and lightest and is made from glass and aluminum. It weighs around 112 grams and is about 7.6 mm thick. It is easy to use and has a long battery life and has a brilliant 4 inch retina display. It is easy to use with one hand. It includes ultrafast wireless technologies and is able to connect easily to more networks.

The Apple iPhone 5 price can be anything like $642 or $710. Before you opt to buy an Apple iPhone in the online stores you should check for the features of the product and compare it with the price of the product. Once the Apple iPhone 5s is launched you can do a good research on the internet and compare the price, design and features of the new product and the Apple iPhone 5 and buy the product as per your requirement and choice.

Getting updated with the new technologies and gaining information about various updated features you can surely take a good decision.  Apple iPhone 5s price is expected to be reasonable and viable. It has more upgraded features and is expected to be a smart phone with all new design with more built in applications. Online shopping of the Apple iPhone products can be sometimes available with great discounts and offers in many online stores. Grab the opportunity and get the best Apple iPhone at an attractive price. Apple is soon launching both high-end and low-end option Apple iPhone 5C which will be a cheaper version of the latest version of Apple iPhone 5. Be ahead of the crowd and be aware of the product features so that you buy the product as soon as it is launched.

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