Beautiful new look for Google’s Photo Sharing site Panoramio

Panoramio search engine giant Google’s photo sharing site changed the interface. Now it has a new look, more professional. Panoramio is a geo-location oriented photo sharing website that launched in 2005. In  2007 total number of 1 million user submitted photos to the site and in 2007 July the site was acquired by Google.


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Panoramio officially announced on their blog post that “Today we’re excited to introduce a new visual design for Panoramio. We’ve made photos the hero on the page while still keeping the important features that people enjoy. On the photo page, by far the most popular on the site, we’ve made the photo over three times bigger! We’ve also made thumbnails on the profile page and the world map significantly bigger.”

The new design gives Panoramio a look like a social photo sharing site. New design gives more importance to the photo views and new user profile page makes photo thumbnails much bigger than in previous version. Google selects images Panoramio images to Google earth and Google Maps for their functions.

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