Four Ways to Avoid Losing Your Job to Social Media

Some days it may seem like social media is taking over our lives with the power it holds to facilitate so many positive and negative social interactions. While social networking websites have the power to help you stay in touch with family and friends, they do have the power to cost you your job.


It is a reality of life that your recruitment agency will look at your online profiles to ensure that you are a worthy candidate. One glimpse at your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account is all it takes to make or break your job possibilities. IQ Partners recruitment services is leading the top rated headhunters in Toronto and they want you to be informed as you venture out to expand your career potential.

There are steps you can take to ensure that you do not lose the job as a result of your web presence. Know how to use Facebook’s privacy settings. It is a better idea to simply avoid posting embarrassing or incriminating photos and updates altogether, but in the case that somebody else posts them the privacy settings might save you. You can change the settings to review and accept tags and for pictures to be viewable only by friends.

Another tip, in social media or anywhere, is to use your words wisely. Whether you are tweeting or writing a status update, think before you post. If you are saying something that could be construed as derogatory or offensive you might want to rethink it. If it is not something you would want to announce at work, you should not announce it on Facebook either.  Send your profane jokes and offensive comments as a text to your best friend instead. This does not mean you have to give up on Facebook but take it as a forum to post about all the great things you are doing, whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen or run marathons once a month. These are the things potential employers want to see.

Have you made it a habit to keep tabs on your Internet identity? Every month or so, Google your name and see what comes up. Ego surfing isn’t really about your ego.  It is about making sure that information that is associated with you on the Internet is not harmful to you or your reputation. If you see something that you think a recruitment agency will find unsavory, find out how you can scrub your web presence until it shines to potential employers.

Don’t speak poorly about your workplace or your employer, past or present. In fact, it’s usually better if you keep work off your profile completely. If the top rated headhunters in Toronto see that you frequently update about how much your co-worker annoys you or how angry your boss makes you, they assume you will carry this behaviour to your new workplace. No matter how careful you are, it is possible that a recruiter will see the things you post online. Do not assume that your privacy settings will protect you. Instead, make every effort to stand out in a positive light. This practice will do you well both online and in everyday life!

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