How Blogging has changed in 5 years?

Blogging has diversified in many ways since few years. It was initially started as the writing medium for individual has grown up to company and serious business. I still remember the time when I started by blogging in 2008. Things were different back then. I think there has been massive change in the blogging world. Blogging wasn’t a big phenomenon back then, there were less blog, and social media concept was just emerging.

Search engine was only the major way to drive traffic to the website. Social bookmarking was quite booming at that time. I still remember the time when I got in the front page of digg and flooded with traffic that my shared web hosting can’t bear the traffic and it crashes up. Social media create a new source of traffic and brand recognition to the blogging world and business. I have experience a lot of changes since past 5 years. Feel free to add your views in comment.

1.  Blogging is not only personal anymore

Blogging was initially emerged as a platform to share individual views, ideas or to write the personal things. Blogging is now days taken as an important strategy to drive more traffic to website, to drive more sales to the business and to build relationship with the customer. The blog started as personal hobby start turning into multi dollar business. Blogging has become the profession from hobby to most of the professional bloggers. It has been able to create a unique domain. The blogger can outreach large number of audience in short span of time. Thus, it has been able to create a new business among people. The low investment, less risk, sole proprietorship changes the blogging from personal to business.

2. Social Media

Initially there was a very limited source to drive traffic to the blog. Social media and social bookmarking website are providing tremendous way to drive traffic to the blog. Most of the blogger start formulating the strategy for social media. It has created an enormous opportunity to drive the traffic to the blog. Even search engine start following the social signal. Social media changed the way we think. Most of the major component of the blogging like creating social profile from popular social media website like Facebook, twitter has emerged significantly in the past few years. Bloggers started building community in social media website and engaging with the readers of the blogging who follow the social profile. It has been able to create a huge significant impact in building community.

3. Blog quality has increase

Before 5 years I can see the lot of low quality blog with huge success while making the money. IT was easier to rank even for the low quality content with a just using some crap software to build huge low quality backlink. These days are over. Things have changes now. It’s hard to get rank with low quality link. Google algorithm is changing is rapidly. It’s hard to rank a website with a low quality content and huge amount of low quality links. Most of the blog faded out during this era. Those who maintain quality and don’t surplus to get low quality link are still rocking out with the blog.

4. Authority website than micro niche website

The recent change in Google algorithm EMD has slightly decreased the people’s interest in micro niche website. People are highly focusing on highly micro niche website but it has decrease compare to 5 years ago. Blogger are now mostly focusing in producing high authority website with high quality content.

5. Change in the Revenue Sources

The source of revenue has been diversified. I personally think the opportunity of revenue source was huge 5 years ago than now. The referral system in AdSense, the opportunity of allowing advertiser to publish do follow link was so popular back then. It has a high amount of revenue. The affiliate marketing was just booming back then. Most of the company will pay high amount of money to the affiliate marketer. The revenue source has been diversified now. More affiliate network is emerging but the commission rate is not like before. I also find the CPC is AdSense was high back then. It always depends upon the niche. However, high quality blog has lot of opportunity today.

Final Conclusion:

There have been significant changes in the blogging world. Some changes are so significant that it create a huge amount of difference in the revenue and traffic. Most of the blogger how hasn’t able to overcome the changes have disappeared in the process. However the blog which has been able to emerge with the changes are still doing great in the blogging atmosphere and has been able to get high amount of accolade from the people.

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