How Pinterest become successful when people already share images on Facebook?

Back to 2 years we ask to a guy he is a social network user that Whats’s your favorite social networks? May be not may be definitely his answer is Facebook, Twitter and Yo  uTube. If we asks people now specially to women in US they will include another social network named ‘Pinterest”.


In first look the Pinterest seem just as a photo sharing network or a collection of images. According to Wikipedia Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website and they marked categorized the site as Photo Sharing site. May be Pinterest is just a photo sharing site. We already used Facebook for the purpose with no more restrictions. Then How Pinterest become successful when people already share images on Facebook and What is images sharing on Pinterest rather than sharing on Facebook?

Pinterest launching and growth

Development of  Pinterested in 2009 and the website launched by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp on 2010 beginning. In March the site closed the beta but allows users only through invitation. The site cant perform well in the beginnings. After the launch only 10,000 users sign up on Pinterest in 9 months.


Ben Silbermann try to sell the site to a US based magazine publishing company. But the deal didnt happen because the magazine company publishers declined to meet the founders of Pinterest.

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In 2011 Pinterest launched their iPhone app thats huge hit and users downloaded the app morre that Pinterest authorities expects. On August Time Magazine listed Pinterest as one  of the best Websites of 2011. In 2012 February comScore reports that Pinterest hits 10 Million US monthly unique hits and its faster than any standalone.

Pinterest image collecting – Not sharing

You are using Pinterest for sharing your images. But more people uses Pinterest to collect images. This is the real fact behind the success of Pinterest. This is the reason why people use Pinterest for image sharing when they already have a base on Facebook. If you follow a person with your similar interest, they share an image on their board (Pinterest Board) if you like this image you can share (re-pin) that image to your favorite board. Facebook cant do it. A powerful connection.


Women are five times more likely to use Pinterest as men, from the report of Pew Research from a December 2012 survey. According the reports Women more likely to use Pinterest and its about 70 percent.

For men Pinterest is Shopping cart, for women its Wish List

Can you imagine the top 10 users of Pinterest if followers counting is a fact all are women. Each have more than 5 million followers on the site. Womens are collecting their favorite products the, they are visually bookmarking their wish list to a Pinterest collecting board if they upload the image or they collected from others. The reason is women getting ideas while pin clothing and fashion. This is a major reason why peoples are sharing images on Pinterest already they have a popular social networking site like Facebook.

Men are using Pinterest as a shopping cart. They pin clothings, shoes etc plan to buy the products. Pinterest is a social image collecting network with million users but not for friends making its all about your interests. Navigate pictures to pictures, collecting your favorite images Pinterest is the best image discovery social engine greater than Facebook.

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