Keep Your House Clean with the Help of Your Smart Phone

When you consider that 6% to 9% of the time that you spend on this planet living your life will be spent cleaning, it makes sense to cut down on this time and outsource it to others. Now, you can use your smart phone to help narrow down the process of finding the right cleaner so that you can get on to more important tasks at hand.

Finding the right cleaner

It can be brutally difficult to find the right cleaner on the Internet. You need your house cleaned along with your windows, but you can’t find a reasonably priced cleaner that offers windows service to clean the outside of the glass on the second floor. Or, perhaps you need your house cleaned but don’t need any vacuuming done at all. You have a hard time finding someone that doesn’t include vacuuming in the packages offered so you continue to look elsewhere.
It can be a nightmare isolating the right cleaning company with so many readily available. Then, as soon as you do find the right one, you run into a scheduling problem. All of these items are real-life problems that everyday people run into all the time.

Introducing the website Homejoy

This is a website that you can access on your Smart phone to help you connect with a cleaner. It has streamlined the process of pricing, finding, and scheduling the cleaning in your home. The site was developed by Adora Cheung and Aaron, her brother, to help fill the void of matching consumers and cleaners together on one site. There are other websites that match up consumers to service providers, but when this project was first started there was nothing available to help narrow the choices for cleaners exclusively.

The cleaning industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate lately and there has been a growing need in the marketplace for a cyber hookup of cleaners and homeowners. In fact, with an excess of 600,000 cleaning companies operating in the United States alone during 2011, there needed to be some way to narrow down the selection process.

When you need a cleaner you only have to approach the Homejoy website through your Smart phone, iPad or other mobile device to connect with a cleaner as a customer. This site uses an algorithm, which is quite complicated, to help you find the right match instantly.

How much time do you spend cleaning? If you don’t do a lot of the cleaning yourself, do you find that it takes a long time to find the right cleaning company that does everything you want and need while at the same time fitting into your budget? If so, this new technology is available at your fingertips and can be accessed by your mobile device. By using it, you will instantly free up time and a lot of wasted energy and may find that you save a lot of money in the process as an added bonus!

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