Mexican village created its own wireless network

After being ignored by a company owned by the world’s richest man Carlos Slim, a tiny Mexican village has developed its own mobile network with international connections. And it’s a big success now, reported by AFP.


Now the village has their own wireless network for their residents, which is 13 times cheaper than the similar service in Mexico city, provided by the largest carriers in the country which means just $1.2 pm.

The village has the population of less than 3000 people, which is totally a remote area, surrounded by forests in Southern Mexico and definitely, not a profitable market for the biggest tycoons in the industry. The carrier is called Red Celular de Talea, joint venture by the villagers and a local university, installed radio and computer equipment, put up an antenna on a rooftop.

Now villagers can even make  international calls, including to US  and Europe, for low rates that cost a few cents each minute, though those use VoIP technology over the Internet.

Red Celular de Talea already has 600 customers and is planning to expand its service to other villages also.

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