Reasons why Instagram Video sharing Beats Vine?

Instagram video sharing vs Vine, its similar to a competition like Facebook vs Twitter. The fact is competition between Instagram and Vine is also a competition between Facebook vs Twitter because Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc and Vine is Owned by Twitter Inc.

I beginning Twitter’s Vine app make a revolution on quick video sharing service. In the time there is no competition between Instagram and Vine. Vine creates some shakes in Social Media and video sharing.  Until June 20 Instagram only allows users to upload images on their network. On June 20 Instagram launched quick video sharing for the users. Suddenly the game changed and Instagram’s video sharing jumped over and becomes popular than Vine.

What’s the advantages of Instagram over Vine?

Both are popular, quick video sharing services with android and iPhone app and owned by worlds greatest social networking sites.

The Audeince

The audience is the necessary factor to success a business, service or a social networking. Here both Instagram and Vive have their audience. But Instagram is bigger than Vine. Now Instagram has near 130 Million active monthly users and Vine has only 13 Million. The ratio is big and this the major difference between Instagram and Vine.

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Vine is completely working based under Twitter, the Twitter tweet vine. Twitter has now near 200 Million active users but just a part of users using Vine. But Instagram had the own platform and its one of the biggest social network.

The Video Length

This is another factor why Instagram is better than Vine. Users can create up to 15 seconds length videos on Instagram but Vine allows only 6 seconds. Video length is a major factor to the internet marketers looking to build their brand name on social networks.

The 15 seconds beat the 6 seconds here. Normally Vine users use the app to create more entertainment videos but in Instagram ordinary users and professionals use Instagram also for their business purposes. Therefore more video length definitely attracts more users to Instagram’s side.

Social Sharing 

The soul of these apps are creating and sharing quick videos on the way. Users creates videos and also interested to share the videos to more social networks.

Here Instagram topped Vine. Instagram lets you to share videos from the app to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FourSquare and also through Email. But Vine is really lack here and only allows you to share on Facebook and Twitter. Also Instagram allows you to a photo mapping function helps you you surf photos based on locations.

Instagram for Newbies

Instagram is more and more popular than Vine. If a newbie plan to use a a quick video sharing may be his option goes to Instagram. If he tried both he will get a conclusion that Instagram’s interface is more intuitive and easy to use compare to Vine.

So if a newbie or an old user they more prefer Instagram over Vine.In June 20 Instagram launched Video Sharing system simultaneously for both iOS and Android. But Vine only releases iPhone app early and since adopted Android app.


Instagram is already a big social community when users share videos on Facebook or not but Vine videos popularity and users viewing is more based if they share their videos on Twitter. In any matter Instagram’s video sharing is more powerful and wonderful compare to Vine.

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