Steps to Drive More Traffic with Facebook

In USA, Almost 92% of adults are on Facebook, so it’s safe that peoples are spending more time on Facebook. Facebook will generate more leads to people who are interested in your Products or services.

Some Tips for generating more customers using Facebook

      1.     More Fans to your Facebook Fan Page Create Your Facebook Fan page based on the business or Targeted Audience .To increase the Facebook reach by having more likes on facebook. More who like your page, Make More you reach across the Networks. Likes of the Facebook Fan page should Target Audience at the right time will generate more leads using facebook fan page

       2.     More Profits using Facebook Fan page By increasing more Facebook Fans will not bring good results, you have to convert those followers by bringing them to correct landing pages .This helps in gathering More information about the customers and what they are looking for . By giving more offers about your Business and ads to target specific area of audience by adjusting your Target ad settings.

       3.     Try for New Customers Bringing more Customers is not an easy job now days. Only    a small percentage of Facebook likes will bring more leads or conversion of customers. It is our Job to identify the group of customers or people with Facebook marketing Analytics and set correct targeted audience bring more conversion.

      4.     Check for Right Targeted Audience!

Before a start of what you want to accomplish, should aware you

have right information on your Facebook fan page about people or Business to reach right Demographic target .Facebook is a social network  with  full demographic details about your Targeted audienence.In Facebook you have to promote content based on your targeted buyer or targeted customers. Inbound marketers, search engine Marketers must have a clear picture about their targeted audience to create optimal content. You can identify your audience based on customer demography and their online behaviors, personal histories like Locations Gender, Education,  age e.t.c. Usually Facebook Marketers set their target by age, country and interests.

Before Target your audience

  • Divide your Audience based on Demography
  • Check for and identify their needs socially
  • Develop your Facebook Fan profiles based on the identified Targeted Audience

       5. Time of post plays a role

Facebook Marketers should aware about timings t push Facebook     Ads and contents can increase more success to your Facebook Marketing. A study shows that weekends are the best for facebook updates .you can experiment your post or ads on different days, time e.t.c and check for the performance on your analytics to identify the best engagement times of your company.

Facebook for Gadgets:

According to the survey of Gomez , only 70% people using Smartphone’s, tablets to browse or looking for a web page and start for a online purchase .400 million people using Facebook For Mobile ,this made Mobile Marketing a greater reach in Online .

       6.    Ideas for Facebook Posting:

There are some Different Ideas on your Facebook Fan Page to Engage with customers to make more Conversion

  • Post some of your Blog Post on your Facebook page, to ensure that post includes calls to action .If they are interested it will be a calls to action on your post
  • Can post some External related Funny content, visually appealing image on your Facebook Page, this can bring more support to pages, by increasing more likes to facebook fan page.
  • You can use Facebook offers to your business on Facebook Page, this will drive more traffic to your landing pages.
  • Engage with Facebook Fans by responds to their questions and feedback, don’t ignore negative comments but address them with positive reply.

       7.    Facebook Paid Ads Marketing Campaign

There are certain steps in Facebook Ad to drive more leads to customers

  • Identify your offer

Before you start your facebook ad campaign, identify your offer and decide where you want to land your landing pages by promoting an event, a facebook page?

  •  Fix your Target

You can fix your Targeted audience demographic where decided to focus ontogether with age, location, interests that you have identified on Facebook

  •  Target Reach

Decide Where your Ad want to be visible everyone, Friends of your Fans , or only to your current Facebook Fans .If you are looking to reach current Fans with your offer , or with new Fans, Facebook Marketing has the options to make your Facebook Marketing Campaign successful.

Things Facebook ads manager has to look more

Before Facebook Campaign

  • Relevancy

A Facebook Ad Campaign for Computer Engineers will not do well if the goal segment is “Civil engineers.” understanding the likes and interests of your demographic goal and utilizing that data will help to proceed your Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Check for Calls to Actions

We cannot generate Leads without Calls to actions. Fix your             correct landing Pages to make use of any clicks can convert in to leads.

  • Bring Attention to Ad

You can use some nice Visual Contents to attract more fans to your Ads to bring more leads to your Facebook.  A Facebook study said that unique Visual Content brings more leads to facebook.

After Facebook Campaign

Facebook Campaign Manager should look few things after a Facebook

  • Facebook Campaign Reach

Have to check how far your Facebook Ad reached and check how many people looked your Ad

  • Check for Frequency

Check how many times your ad has been viewed in their news feed or on the sidebar of your Facebook Profile.

  •  Check for Clicks

Check For number of people who visited your Landing pages and check for full facebook insights.

  • Check for Conversions

Ad manager should check for conversions by checking their Marginable and expected target within 24 hours after Campaign ends

So you can use both organic and paid Facebook Marketing to turn Facebook as a lead generator.

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