Tools that help in the generation of Blog content ideas

The general rule is that since a blogger writes from motivation, inspiration and ideas, one day, he is bound to run out of them. Once contentthis happens, he has to quit which has become the fate of more than 80% bloggers. And only 20% are hanging on, continuously trying to find new topics to write about. If you are resorting to using tools for the creation of blog content ideas, you are in the latter category of 20%. For those of you who are in this category, here are some tools that can help in blog content writing.

1. Bing/Yahoo and Google

I have categorized Yahoo and Bing together because they are one and the same thing. There is no individual index of Yahoo but it reads from that of Bing. The manner of their build has led to them producing slightly different results. But basically, the song sheet they refer from is the same.

New blog ideas are often generated from search engines. Simply run some searches there using the keywords from some of your previous posts. It is assumed that the target audience found your earlier blog posts appealing and thus using the keywords incorporated there in search engines can yield a large number of related websites. These websites can act as inspiration for posts in your blog.

2. Yahoo! Answers

When in doubt, ask for help and advice from others. There may be times when the answers will be really bad but sometimes, you will get some good answers. The answer can be rewarded by voting for it and choosing it as the perfect answer.

3. Google ALerts

This little trick is perfect for those who want to find out about the topics and articles written by their competitors. When they have some good ideas, you can simply take them and make them even better. Google Alerts can be set up for these websites and blog posts having the particular keywords in them and read them to see whether they are inspiring or not.

4. Wikipedia

Often while researching for your blog’s niche, all sorts of unique and unknown information is found. These bits of information may inspire you to write on a general topic involving other such related facts.

5. Digg & Reddit

Submissions from users along with their votes are taken by these sites. Inspiration for your blog content writing may be found by looking at the categories. The category should be related to your blog niche.

6. Yahoo! News Or GoogleHand drawing light bulb

These news channels act as perfect sources for you since fresh content is brought by them. It is undeniable that good posts can be created out of new developments which most likely have not yet been covered by your competitors.

7. Google trends or Google images

These tools can be used by simple typing the keywords often used in your posts. At the very bottom in the right hand corner, there will be suggested searches by the trends tool. These can be used as inspiration for posts. Google images show images that are a broad mix of related things which can give many inspiration ideas too.

8. Craigslist

The services, discussion and jobs sections might seem to be weird places but it is surprising to note that simply reading the posts there will generate a lot of blog content ideas in your mind.

9. StumbleUpon

The Discover page has an option called “Tag” in its toolbar which can be used. You can have excellent inspiration for blog posts by knowing about the likes of other people. They will not only give you inspirational ideas but you will also be able to witness the thoughts of online users about the ideas.

10. Google Suggestions

While typing your blog relevant keywords in the search engine, Google Suggestions appear. Numerous things can be typed in the box to get varied results and a large number of these can inspire great ideas to be used for blog posts. Through this process of generating ideas for blog content writing, you can even be assured of the extra addition of SEO element to the blog posts. This is because their appearance as suggestions corroborates the fact that such ideas or keywords are searched by internet users more frequently.

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