Top 5 Features that will Highlight in Apple iPhone 6

If we go by the latest speculations prevailing in the smartphone industry, the September 10 release dates for iPhone 6 is more or less fixed. We will see several major changes in the upcoming iPhone as it’s expected to come with various new features. Apple increased the screen size to 4 inches in iPhone 5 and if reports are to be believed then Apple iPhone 6 will be having a further bigger screen. Apple iPhone 6 is also likely to allow the user to connect their apple devices to the television or projector.




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Be Ready for Wraparound Display

The manufacturer is also working on a wraparound screen display for the latest iPhone. The feature will allow Apple to increase the size of the screen without enlarging the size of the phone. It will also support a lot of features including gesture control, facial recognition and the screen layers so as to provide a superb 3D effect.

SONAR is Here

SONAR is going to replace the infrared sensor used in Apple iPhone. One of the Apple patent resembles the SONAR technology and the “Passive proximity detection” will replace the infrared sensor of the phone. This new technology allows the user to detect and process the sound waves so as to determine the proximity of an object from the device.

Fastest Smartphone Processor

Apple iPhone 6 is likely to host the most powerful processor introduced in any smartphone till date using A7 quad core that will be backed by a 3 GB RAM. iOS 7 is likely to bring new features in the handsets including fingerprint.

More Storage

As far as the storage is concerned, the newer model will likely to be available in 128 GB version as well. The introduction of 128 GB iPad 4 has further confirmed that iPhone 6 will have a bigger storage. Having more storage will allow the Apple users to use heavy files like music production and CAD files on the device.

Amazing Camera

Cameras are becoming critical to the success of any smartphone. As the other major smartphone manufacturers are coming out with great cameras in their devices, Apple is slightly fallen behind in this department and it’s expected that iPhone 6 will have a 12 MP Camera with improved sensors to give you brilliant images.  A faster lens having a fast aperture will further improve the camera.

So, from now onwards all eyes are set on the Apple to make the next major announcement. As the competition in the smartphone industry is growing, Apple has to come out with a great product to ride on its existing popularity. You should also look out for the latest iPhone tips & tricks online.

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