University Pages: A Gift From LinkedIn for Students and Universities

LinkedIn launches “University Pages” to bridge the gap between “Students” and “Universities”, where students can explore many universities with few clicks and make a right decision for further education. It is similar to the other company pages on LinkedIn, but it is especially for an academic purpose.


Initially, 200 universities worldwide are allowed to create their pages and aspiring students as young as 14 years old can access these pages. However, soon these services are going to available throughout the world, and many new college profiles will become part of it. Researching schools on LinkedIn will become easy and quick.

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These pages will allow students to explore regular updates, campus news, alumni’s profiles, about their career and many more. It’s just like Facebook page where people follow a page to know everything about that topic.

Some Best Features of its New Arrival Tool in LinkedIn:

Regular Updates 

Manager can regularly update about university and tell followers that what’s new is going on in the campus. This definitely helps the students to take a right decision while choosing a university for better career.

Target message

Targeted message can be delivered with this newly launched feature of LinkedIn. For an instance in your university is holding campus recruitment in New York, you can send message students, especially in that particular area.

Know about alumni

Out of many useful features, one of the best is to know alumni. Student can explore career of alumni of university. They will know who the student of college was and what is doing now after getting a degree from here. This really helps a student to make right decision and choose right university for the best academic and professional career.

Selection of alumni

This page includes a selection of notable alumni based on an algorithm. However, this responsibility will be given to page administrative group to choose alumni to be appearing in the section.

No more 18

One of the best things that LinkedIn university page provides is reducing age bar. University pages can be accessed by as young as 14 years-old students. So when it’s really all about students and their career.

College profiles

Just like universities colleges too can create their pages and keep students up to date with current news.

Similar listing

The useful tool of this new LinkedIn feature is universities are allowed for listing of similar schools and other pages that relates your universities.

There might be some argument that why not Facebook instead of LinkedIn. Well, friends this new feature is only about career and studies and not about miscellaneous activities going on in campus. It might be awkward for alumni or page’s administrators to share about professional details on a network like Facebook which is more personal. Furthermore, LinkedIn is all about network of professionals where career minded people meet, share and grow. So if you are going to take the most critical decision about your life and have no idea which university will really boost your career? Make a right decision by using LinkedIn’s university pages.

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