WordPress for Beginners – Power charge the website for SEO

WordPress is a dream for all the bloggers out there. On one hand there are successful bloggers who have well established websites on operation but on the other hand there are budding talents yet to be explored. They are nurturing the blogging dream and need well guided assistance to go ahead with their plans. This article talks about WordPress for beginners and the need to power charge their websites for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are a lot of ways to make a blog prominent in public and make it famous. Here is a list of tips for the beginners to make their websites apt for SEO. They are:

1. Permalinks for WordPress

There are many SEO experts in the market who emphasize on keyword rich URLs, but to be honest they do not matter much these days. With the latest Google Penguin update, one can pull an over-optimization trigger quite easily. Thus, instead of fine-tuning every post URL and trying to fit keywords in it, one should just make sure that the URLs are text-based and not post-ID based.

In simple words, one should go to Settings/Permalink Settings page in the WordPress admin and check if the “Post name” option is selected or not. It is another way to make sure if the link makes sense by itself or not. Along with that as well, if some user links to a post by using the URL as an anchor, one would still have the link with some keywords in it.

Another very important and crucial thing to note here is that even if this permalink change is done in the Settings, WordPress always makes post-ID based URLs work. Although this may sometimes lead to duplicate or replicate-content issues if someone links to a post using the UD. But there are certain plugins available in the market which helps in solving this issue.

2.  SEO Plugins

There are a lot of SEO Plugins in the market but out of them two are quite renowned. They are:

  1. All in One SEO Pack
  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Both of them are quite useful for the users but still it is suggest that either one of them are used at a time as using both together may lead to conflicts.

3. Cache the Blog

If one wants to climb up a few positions in search engines, then caching is one of the minute things that have to be considered along with other optimizations. However if a site works faster will always get lower bounce rates, more links and more likes. Although WordPress runs a bit slow by default because of hosting mostly static content, but still it is really essential to check that the WordPress powered site is fast. There are plenty of plugins that take care of caching, but WP Super Cache and WP Green Cache are one of the most recommended tools. Just one plugin is to be use, activated and the site should be cached. It doesn’t require days to be spent on this.

Thus there are many more factors that need to be taken care of especially by the beginners who are new to the blogging industry. These tips would come in handy to start with and power charge the website for SEO.

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