5 Knee Slapping iPhone Apps to Kill You With Laughter

According to a Distimo 2012 report, more than 66 percent of all the revenue generated from iPhone apps is the result of game, social and entertainment app downloads. So, while our iPhones may be intangibly valuable for communication, they are also undoubtedly an extremely popular source for fun! The following five fun apps are sure to make you and your friends die laughing.


Break.com’s daily upload of comedic pictures, videos, jokes, live feeds, and daily updates are among the best in the business. And for a funny videos mobile app, Break.com won’t ever disappoint. Not only can you get the best humor every time you take an iPhone break, you can participate and have your multimedia recognized by others on a social network. It isn’t that Break.com came up with the best idea ever, it’s that they took all the great ideas and put them on the best platform. If you are into big laughs on a regular basis, Break.com is the place to get your fix.


iFunFace is a great app for adding and manipulating your photos. Want to put party hats on you and your friends or draw a big smiley face over the pouting party dude? Liven up photos with the iFunFace feature. You can give your toddler a top hat and bow tie. Color a mustache, police hat and reflective sunglasses on your other kid. It’s the perfect app for decorating an otherwise ordinary photo.

Reddit Pics HD

This free FunPokes Inc. app provides you with a list of thousands of the funniest pictures on the Internet. Not only can you look through other people’s funny images, you can add your own, make comments about the pictures you do and don’t like, add a caption to your photos, and rate the photos of you and others using a star system. It even has free customer support. The three cataloging options are the hottest, newest and best of all time.

Pocket Alan

The Pocket Alan says things that you would never get away with saying to family, friends or strangers for that matter. Based on the BBC character Alan Partridge, the Pocket Alan speaks your thoughts in a British accent and a dirty, silly voice. Whether you’re partying with friends and can’t get the nosy guy sitting next to you to take a hint or you’d rather make your iPhone mock your snide sister than do it yourself, the Pocket Alan is a sassy little smart ass to keep at your side.


Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Another classic funny app, this iPhone app is as likely to get you slapped as it is to get you a first date or a lucky one night stand. Thousands of pickup lines on the app are gut wrenching, funny-bone tickling hilarious, even without audio. You can even text, email or post your favorite pickup lines on Twitter. If you’re bored and just want to read funny lines, this free app entertains.

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