6 Latest Characteristics In 4.3 Jelly Bean Version Of Android

Google has introduced the new version of its operating system that is 4.3 Jelly Bean, this come into existence with the launching of new Nexus 7 tablets by Google. It is considered as a third version of Android’s operating system after Android 4.1 and 4.2. This new version of the Android operating system comes with 10 new characteristics that are considered as enhancing one among old versions. These enhanced features of the 4.3 version of the Android operating system are mentioned below:



1. Bluetooth Smart Ready

Google has introduced a new feature in the 4.3 version of the operating system is Bluetooth Smart Ready. Devices which are running over this version will capable of supporting low energy accessories for Bluetooth Smart such as pedometers, heart rate monitors, thermometers and so on. Android users can able to sync devices of low energy, having no effect on a device’s battery usage, according to Google. This feature would create a special method for making Android a user friendly admirable tech.

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2. Restricted profiles

Google has added a new feature in its new version of operating system that is restricted profiles. With this enhanced feature, Android users can able to limit the usage of apps and devices consumption. This feature will bring a capability to users for setting profiles for each and every user in conditions of multiple users. Parents can make control of their children by restricting which apps and games they need to play or which not. This feature is only present on Android tablets.

3. Dial-pad Autocomplete

Google has introduced a feature in dialing pads of Android devices that is an Autocomplete. This feature helps users by suggesting the names or numbers for contacts during the usage of keying-in features of the devices. This feature is not new as this is first introduced in Samsung and HTC devices but some of the Samsung devices were missing it. Users can start this feature with the help of app settings and allowing “Dial-pad Autocomplete”.

4. Simplified Setup Wizard

A new version of Android operating system is capable of supporting corrections to input of users when they are signed into the devices for the first time. This happens due to the presence of a number of streamlined agreements of users. With this new feature, users can modify the information during device’s first boot. Users can also switch from lock screen in conditions of multiple users.

5. Notification Access

Google has added a new feature in the operating system of Android 4.3 and older version. With this enhanced feature, users can switch and act together with the notifications of status bars. This enables users for controlling the notifications in pushing to first and connected devices such as fitness bands and smart watches, at one place.

6. Local Languages

Google has invented a new feature that supports native or local languages in its operating systems for Amharic, Zulu, Swahili, Hindi and Afrikaans. Hindi language has finally arrived in the stock of platform of Android operating system. In addition, some other languages will be supported with this enhanced feature like Arabic and Hebrew in the home screen, people, settings, keep apps and phone.

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