BlueLine, New Social Network For Law Enforcement

BlueLine a new social network for law enforcement just step a near launching. The site will be first launch in New York, San Francisco and in Los Angeles. The Social Media network is designed for the men and women in blue. The site is created by former high-profile New York City police commissioner and Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton.


Now the website is currently beta tested LA County Sheriff’s departments and the University of Southern California’s campus police and Los Angeles Police. BlueLine is created for officers to share their expertise, information through video, videoconferencing screen share capabilities and instant messaging.

“This is a big void that needed to be filled,” Bratton said. “Our intent is to have officers locate their counterparts and closely interact with each other on a number of topics such as gangs and counterterrorism as well as share their best practices and strategies.”

“Our focus is to have a walled community where you’re verified and authenticated, so you have a safe form of communication with law enforcement, analysts and administrators,” said David Riker, Bratton Technologies’ president.

“We’re already seeing a lot of potential with it,” Los Angeles Police Capt. Sean Malinowski, said. “This is not a traditional `social media site,’ even though you can share files, photos and stuff. It’s really specific to the subject matter and expertise that officers want to divulge with each other.”

If users want to join the site multiple verifications for members of law enforcement to join.

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