Complete Insight into Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is a solution deployed by many businesses throughout the UK. All companies need to manage expenses and produce financial reports and thus the significance of this software is felt across a wide range of industries.Microsoft-Excel-2010

The main functions of Microsoft Excel 2010…

Microsoft Excel 2010 presents you with the opportunity to input, analyse, manage and share information in a vast array of different formats. Through the introduction of fantastic data analysis and visualization tools companies now have the capacity to create highly effective information insights and trends. This allows companies to make smarter and better decisions. They can also showcase and share their findings effectively through a comprehensive selection of various types of charts and graphs as well. Now let’s delve a little bit deeper into some of the main benefits that can be reaped through utilizing the 2010 version of the particular software.

Several people in different locations can work on a singular spreadsheet at once

The connecting and sharing possibilities this software presents offers for a much higher level of productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Individuals will be able to edit the same spreadsheet from various locations. The changes will appear instantly so that others can see what inputs or adjustments have been made. You will have the capacity to see who is working with you via simply looking at the status bar where it showcases the number of editors.

More efficient data analysis

The 2010 version also boast benefits over the previous Microsoft Excel offerings because it presents users with the ability to analyse their data much more quickly and effectively as well. Large amounts of data can now be filtered in fewer steps thanks to the Slicer function. Furthermore, Sparklines allows for individuals to generate a fast visual summary of data via the use of minute chart that can fit within a cell next to its corresponding values. This makes complex data a lot clearer to digest.

Simplification of tasks

Additionally, Microsoft recognise that content is the most important focus for Excel users and thus they increased the number of tools to simplify tasks and thus save time. This includes the capacity to recover unsaved versions of files (a real life saver). An extensive selection of new Office themes, encompassing everything from fonts to graphic formatting effects. These can be easily utilised with a mere click. There is a new comprehensive selection of picture editing tools as well and a paste with live preview option.

Increased security

One of the major advantages Microsoft Excel 2010 boasts over the 2003 and 2007 versions is the fact that security is enhanced dramatically. The program will not only warn you over any potential security issues but it will provide you with advice on how to move forward too. If there is a security threat then a bar will appear across the top of your screen. Yellow is for a warning however red indicates a major security threat.

Enhanced reliability for those working on large projects

In previous Excel versions it was rather common for the program to crash if larger workbooks were being utilised. However, this version boasts a 64-bit support, consequently meaning that worksheets of up to 4GB in size can be created. This makes for a much more reliable software solution.

 Ability to customize the ribbon

Last but not least, one of the main benefits of this service is ribbon customisation. This allows you to determine what controls feature in the ribbon. This is one of the ways that Microsoft Excel 2010 allows users and businesses to customise the software to suit their needs.

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