Consignd – Drop Affiliate Marketing and Buy or sell products directly from Makers a new way of marketing techinc an e-commerce model. Its a great way to make money trough your Social Media influence specially Pinterest.  We all know now a Pinterest helps to grow our Social Media strategy and e-commerce sales. The New York base company works instant of traditional affiliate program method. Its a direct deal between the buyer and seller.


Through Consignd you can create your own store with your favorite products. You can start form and can connect with your Facebook account. You are in. If you want to create your won store, consignd shows you products you can add it on your store. The store shows as your profile. Your store is your Consignd profile.

Users can share your store on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or StumbleUpon. If you are a Blogger you can Embed the store code and place it on your Blog for marketing purposes. If a deal happen you can get up to 50% commissions that’s a great offer compare to other affiliate marketing.

Where the Consignd and social marketing gets matters? According to  Neil Parikh founder of Consignd “Consignd believes that inspiration and discovery play integral roles in shopping. In fact, 48 percent of products that were bought last year were discovered socially. The breakdown between big brand retailers, affiliates, and independent retailers causes problems for all of them. Retailers lose track of where their product is sold, whereas independent retailers can’t focus on their product because of the stresses of SEO and discovery.” TechCrunch reports.

Cinsignd says about them that “Consignd’s story begins and ends with the maker. Our goal is to change the rules of online retail to benefit those behind the creation of products and those who share their stories. Consignd takes the old retail model and removes the retailer, instead relying on this new form of social distribution. The outcome is simple: consumers can buy directly from the maker, makers get their stories heard across the web, and those who helped share them share in their success. ”

If any one view a product on he can get knowledge about the product description, complete detail about the makersand the shipping costa nd time to delivery. Currently Consignd only run their service inside US.

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