Creating a Successful Mobile WordPress Theme

With the evolution of mobile phones, separation of websites viewable on a big monitor has become necessary as people who own a feature or a smartphone can easily surf the website in a proper screen fitting layout. Lots of popular websites today have a mobile and a desktop version of their website and this has also given them a great benefit. Websites are mostly operated and managed by the webmasters that know how to remove, post or edit any content on the website in order to make it look regularly updated and a majority of webmasters prefer WordPress for their website development wing as it is easy to understand and navigate.


If you are also a webmaster and you want to take initiative of making a WordPress mobile theme for your website by yourself, then you can go through the below mentioned steps:-

Set up Necessary Files and Folders

The first and foremost thing you need to do is extract all the files and folders from the WordPress program and move them to the server all over again as from there the website is transferred to the World Wide Web in the form of digital codes. All the files must be given PHP extension so that they can load faster. Each and every folder should be given simplest codes in the form of readable texts for better legibility on mobile screens. The names of folders can be in the form of style, header, footer, page, index and various others all with the PHP extension.

Theme Identification

In the world of website development, the decision of theme is the most crucial decision. Mobile websites are normally displayed in the form of cascading sheets as the screen is not big enough to display the content on the website widely. Once you identify the most suitable theme, you can very easily choose the type of style using the cascading sheets that will enable all the possible extensions in your folders and subfolders in the form Meta tags for styling attributes.

Creation of Files

Websites that are viewed in the form of standard desktop versions are not easily viewed on the mobile screens due to the resolution and less width. You must create a compact file with the use of high broadband as lots of servers are offering FTP client compatibility for definable files that are further used for embedding other useful PHP files so that the mobile screen can support the WordPress theme of your website.

Toggle Buttons

Mobile versions of the websites are best viewed with the help of toggle buttons that can be used for moving left, right, up and down. WordPress powered websites are quite smooth and are also very easily navigated throughout for better mobile surfing experience. If you wish to enhance the navigation, then you can also use necessary plug-ins in the sidebar of your website to render smooth browser compatibility.

So that’s how you can create a successful WordPress mobile theme for your desktop website. If you want to make your website popular, then targeting for the mobile version of your website might help you do that very easily!

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