Different Types of SSL Certificate

There are different types of SSL certificates and it is important to know what the differences are before you buy them. You want to make sure that you buy the right one for the use that you have for it. Companies that sell certificates will have different types and different names for those types. Below are some of the types and these are explained, but you may find that sites do vary in what they call them and how they describe them.

Domain Validated Certificate

A domain validated certificate will be tied to your domain name so that customers know that they are still on your website when they make their payment. They are used on ecommerce websites where you need to process credit or debit card payments.You can purchase domain validated certificate here.

Company Validated Certificate

These are more secure than domain validated certificates as the companies identity has to be verified as well as the website. The browser shows that the site is more secure and this will mean that potential customers are more likely to trust you.

Extended Validation certificates

These certificates do the above but also have extra security checks and validations. These give the https in green on the address bar and so it is very obvious to customers that they are on a secure part of the website. This is the level of security that most people would look out for on a website if they were wanting to be extra careful.

It is important to consider the different types of SSL certificates and what your customers will be looking for. Although the price will vary, it will be a waste of time buying an inappropriate one and so it is best to just pay for the one that you need. Then you will be sure to keep your customers happy.

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