Don’t forget these while Uploading Videos on YouTube

When it comes to YouTube video views, there are many ways to obtain very  satisfactory results and increase the popularity of your channel. Fortunately,  you do not need to have advanced skills or knowledge or to be very experienced  regarding this matter in order to get everything right and you can obtain very  satisfactory results by following a few effective steps, which will guarantee  the popularity of your videos and will help you get hundreds of thousands of  viewers everyday. Title of your YouTube video

First of all, the title of your video plays a very important role when it  comes to video views and this principle is similar to article views. Your title  needs to be very attractive and contain the proper keywords in order to attract  people’s attention and make them want to access your video. Keyword research  plays an important factor in ranking YouTube videos try to find long tail  keywords by using any keyword research tool or website you can find 100’s of  keywords, this way your video will not have as much competition and will get  more views not just from YouTube but also from the search engines. Avoid titles  which are shorter than six words, because they will not offer the viewers enough  details about the subject of your video. For instance, “graphic design” is not  an attractive title and it does not suggest anything to people. Instead, “How To  Improve Your Graphic Design Skills” highlights better the purpose of your video  and the viewers will always want to watch it. You have to optimize your title  adequately if you want to get a high number of viewers of your videos.

Description of the video

The description of the video is very important as well. It usually involves  more information about your video, which will help the viewers understand it  better and know its purpose. You have to make sure that the description of your  YouTube video is at least 150 to 250 words containing the targeted keyword at  least 3 times, at the beginning of the description in the middle and the end,  which are essential for the major search engines, such as Google. There are many  cases in which the Google search results provide YouTube videos as well, so make  sure that you include the appropriate description and keywords for your creation  when you submit it.

Adding tags to your YouTube video

Adding accurate tags to your YouTube video is a one of the most effective way  to get many views. Avoid including tags which are not related to your video,  because they will not bring you any benefit or result. Thus, if you video is  about graphic design and you include “cooking” among the tags, people will  consider it unrelated, useless and you will not get many views. Try to add as  many correct tags as you can, without exaggerating. Additionally, you should  include phrases as well and not only single words – for example, if your video  is about graphic design, add tags like “design”, “graphic design”, “graphic  design techniques”, “how to”, “how to get graphic design skills” etc.

Adding an attractive thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail of your video will definitely make people access it.  The thumbnail is meant to show people a part of your video and this is why it  should be the most interesting one, which can make them want to watch it.  Fortunately, you are free to choose from a large variety of snapshots made by  YouTube when you upload your video, so opt for the most representative and  symbolic one for your video.

Stick to these guidelines

Respect these guidelines appropriately and you will surely manage to obtain a  higher number of viewers everyday. Try to understand what every person wants,  expects and his way of thinking in order to obtain appropriate results. Optimize  your YouTube videos as much as you can and you will certainly be satisfied by  the final outcome of your work.

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