Facebook copied these Features from Twitter

Facebook or Twitter. I think there is no valuation in these types of calculations. Both are giants in social networking. Both are different on their platforms, Facebook is a complete network that used my millions and popular on the earth. Users using Facebook to make friendship, business, entertainment and social relations. Other hand Twitter the great micro-blogging platform it rules the world just with 140 characters. Now Twitter is the breaking news source for blogs and celebrities using Twitter to engage with their fans.


May be Facebook is the largest social network but they are not the source for breaking reports. Normally companies or celebrities announced major news through Twitter. Twitter is great for real-time news and updates. Facebook try to catch this. Facebook copied some features from Twitter. What are they? Have a look.

From Subscribe to Follow Button

Facebook introduced subscribe button. If you want to get public updates from ordinary peoples, popular peoples and celebrities these subscribe button helps users. First Facebook introduced subscribe button and then suddenly changed it to Twitter model follow button. This is the first copy made by Facebook similar to Twitter.

Facebook Introduced Twitter model #Hashtags

In 2013 March Facebook introduced Twitter model hashtags. This is a clean copy of Twitter’s well known hashtag concept. Twitter’s Hashtag concept is used to groups tweets together on a particular subject. It’ helps users to find the news, matters with similar interests and concepts.

Facebook do the same. If use hashtags on your Facebook statuses it works similar to Twitter. But the status must be a public. But so far Facebook Hashtag’s cant make a viral impact on Brands. Its shows users, brands still doesdnt gives any importance to make their status with Hashtags. The funny fact is “ posts with hashtags have less Viral Reach than posts without hashtags!”

Verified Accounts

Twitter launched verified accounts in 2009. Four years later Facebook launched verified profiles and pages for the users. So far users can find their real heroes on Facebook because anyone can create a Facebook page for celebrities.

Quick video sharing for Instagram

Facebook owned Instagram introduced quick sharing system on their service. Its absolutely similar to Twitter owned Vine-like video feature. Users can create up to 15 seconds length videos on Instagram and Vine allows 6 seconds.

Embed Facebook Posts

In August 2013 Facebook introduced embed posts. Its another copy method from Twitter. Embeddable posts to their functions that will help bloggers, news sites to embed the status updates, images or videos in to their stories.

Other Copies?

Recently rumors spreads that Facebook plans to introduce Twitter model trendings on their service to the users to get  for real-time news and updates. Facebook copied Foursquare with its launch of Facebook Places. Back to days Facebook added LinkedIn model professionals skills section to user profiles helps users to add some additional skills on their profile like marketing, seo, blogging, cooking etc.

We don’t think that is Follow Button or HashTags or Post embed system or verified accounts is only allowed for Twitter. But every time Facebook try to catch Twitter’s features and become a copycat.

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