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WebRTC the webs real time communication, the powerful trending  browser to browser applications for video calling, voice calling. Now the WebRTC was open sourced by the search engine giant Google in 2011. Now we going to meet a professional WebRTC collaboration provider FaceMeeting.com i started to use.  WebRTC standard helps users with real time communication, no need to install any software’s or plugins. The web browsers include all the standards for WebRTC, you don’t need to do manually anything. Just allow the browsers to use your mic and microphone. So far i used a lot of face to face collaboration tools to make business with my clients and entertain with my friends. Lot of them feel difficulty to use or not easy. But FaceMeeting.com’s WebRTC conference tools is the easy of use i ever seen.

Why FaceMeeting.com?

FaceMeeting system is one of the most advanced WebRTC systems available in the web. Like every WebRTC you dont need need to download any softwares to start. FaceMeeting.com offers you one click professional meetings with HD quality video and audio as well as IM and file sharing with encrypted.

FaceMeeting recommends you to use high definition camera and a larger monitor to great conference experiences.

How to start?

Go to FaceMeeting.com. Sign up for the their beta test. Its easy. Create a FaceMeeting trial. Then just enter your basic details start a FACEmeeting, you just want to put your name and email address. Then enter your attendees email who are going to participate in the conference.

Make Collaboration

The next step is select your meeting time. You have 2 options start now or start later. If you opt start now suddenly the browser ask you to allow use your mic and microphone. FaceMeeting already sent email to attendees to join the conference. If the attendees receive the invitation you can start the conference.

If you opt for start later you can choose the date and time to start the meeting. To experience the next level of WebRTC conferences FaceMeeting.com gives you some additional features like Contact list integration, Calendar integration and management Meeting planning tools, Integration with your social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and advanced Collaborations tools including applications and screen sharing as well as the IM and file sharing in the trial.

FaceMeeting is currently supported in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Inspired! Ready to the next level of face to face communications try FaceMeeting now.

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